Sunday, July 18, 2010

Murry's senses

Murray was a good dog that did not get on the furniture or chew up Grace's Shoes. Like all dogs that I have known, he was present in the MOMENT of Now, and much of this was based by how in tune he was with all of his senses. He trusted his nose, his eyes, and his ears. His interpretation of behavior was something processed through all of those senses as well, and as a result Murray had instantly liked Bennet Wimmer. He did not smell like fear or aggression, or anxiety. Bennet smelled vaguely of bacon and that was GOOD. Murray liked Bennet's voice. It was not deceitful or angry or Frightening. And that was Good. Bennet had also stood his ground when Grace had angrily advanced upon him. He had been calm, assertive and confident. All that was Good. In addition, he had invited Grace back the next day for some further meeting, which may or may not mean sharing food...and that may be Good too.
And so it was that Murray had a hard time understanding why Grace would be so agitated and angry with Bennet. What was her problem?
Murray laid on a rug made of leftover strips of Grace's sewing and old clothes. He laid his head on his out stretched paws and breathed in the scent of the rug, comforted by all the familiar smells of his own SPOT. Grace's movements in the Kitchen disturbed his mind, and his ears twitched as Grace jerked open the silverware drawer. Its contents nearly scattered all over the floor.
Murray did not comment. He knew that if he waited with patience that Grace would tell him the Why of her anger. In the meantime, he formulated his own opinion based on her smell. She smelled angry, anxious and...interestingly enough...aroused.

5 comments: said...

Hmmm,very interesting...phylliso

Snugglebug Blessings said...

Your writing blows me away girl. When are you going to start sending these off to be published??? Hum? Love your story. God bless. Cathy

Jacqueline said...

woohoo and where Grace going to end up..

love your writing.

jerilanders said...

Hmmmm, very interesting... and where will it all lead? I think I will stay tuned.

jenn said...

Please tell us more !!!