Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer struggles.

Good Morning from the Land of the Baggaraggs. Arrggggh ( Pie-rat talk)  but its humid and hot. Mowed the grass yesterday and midway through got in to the pool to cool myself off. We lovingly refer to the Pool as the Polar Icecap, as its always COLD...being under the trees.
I am grateful to have a Polar Icecap Pool to dip myself into, and a Lawn to mow.
although I am slow in sales, I would like to openly thank God for an Etsy shop, and My gift of Creativity.
There are many things that have happened in the course of this summer that have been a weight on me, and my heart has at times been filled with anxiety. My daughter has been injured, my dog is sick, and ...I need a surgery myself.
We struggle don't we? I have little energy at times to PUSH Back against this encroachment to my contentment. I become immobilized. Worry freezes me. I loose my Emotional Balance. 
Here is what I think really helps...
Find another person who will bow their head with you and Hear your Prayer. Pray out loud with them.( I did in the medication room the other evening at work, and I feel BETTER)
try to eat something GOOD everyday.
try hard to help some one makes your own burden lighter.
Like Winston Churchill said NEVER GIVE UP. NEVER.
Push back against your physical limitations, Push back against the thoughts that LIMIT you.
I promise I will too. I Promise I will try my Hardest every day. and I will remember to be grateful for everything and to say THANKS.
May you be Happy and Free from suffering. Robin 


Sugar Mountain Mercantile said...

Thinking about you and Albert, and the rest of the Baggaraggs family. Things are always darker before the dawn, so hang in there, Robin.
Big Hugs,
Debbie said...

I too pray for you & your family,things do get better,happenning in ways we never thought they would,phyllis

The Moonlit Stitch said...

I will send up a prayer for you too Robin. The journey is not fun when we hit rocky terrain, is it? Full speed ahead can do it...cheering for you. ~*~Lisa

Clare said...

Sorry Robin that you are having a difficult time. You seem such a happy person despite your difficulties, with a good sense of humor. I love what you share here, your work and your openness. If I could i would give you a big hug. Can I give you an air hug - all the way from down here up to where you are - catch it quick - there did you get it.

Debra said...

Oh Baggs-this is such a wonderful've given me something I really needed today...Thank you my dear friend.

Dorthe said...

Dear Robin,
I know your feelings, and the fears that freezes my energy- I hope for you,and your family, that all will soon be well.