Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Butterfly Boss

Vivian butterfly Fey Vivian butterfly Fey Vivian butterfly Fey Vivian butterfly Fey
The butterflies are very busy this spring.
I have not weeded my front garden yet and the Bidens attract the Zebra Longwings.
I think I may leave them, even though most folks consider them to be weeds.
I will consult my resident Butterfly fey, Vivian.
"I say, Vivian?"
Vivian is directing Butterfly traffic, buzzing about, zipping here and there.
"I've got an open Porter weed here," she yells to a monarch, who is apparently waiting to dine.
I can see this is not the best time for consultation with Vivian.
Butterfly Boss.
Vivian is made of muslin and calico. Her legs and arms are tulle. her trims are vintage. She has moss ribbon wings that are layered with vintage silk leaves, and butterfly vellum. There are tiny bells hanging from her waist.
She has been coffee dyed, baked and painted.
Vivian is 8 inches tall.


Janie said...

She's lovely, and just the inspiration needed after the long harsh winter we have experienced. Wish I could purchase her, but just not possible in my world right now.
Your work brings me joy and is a badly needed stimulus to keep me going. And I thank you.


Debra said...

Oh Baggs-she makes me smile!