Saturday, September 8, 2012

OFG Welcome coupon!

I remember those last days of summer; ambivalence reined supreme. I was happy (sort of) to have the kids back in school so I could "get things done" and have some peace and quiet. I liked my children. MOSTLY. and I have always LOVED THEM.  I have enjoyed being a Mother, and felt oddly a little sad about seeing them go off. Not too sad though.
Not like medication sad.
 I knew the other side of the PEACE and Quiet was the hustle and bustle of homework and bedtimes and hurried meals and arguments over grades...some of which were STUNNING.
That's another story...
I knew that there would be hassles over "NO CLEAN UNDERWEAR," and "I can't find my SHOE!"
and I knew that there would be those days where I would get Played, Letting my "I am so SICK, TOO sick, TOO SICK" child stay home from school, too tired to argue with them about going that day.
This coupon is a WELCOME BACK for you. Welcome back to some moments of peace before the school calls and says your kid is throwing up in the lunch room. Welcome back to the quiet before you tear apart HER BEDROOM and clean out YOUR DAUGHTER'S CLOSET....OMG.
Welcome back to the times of Guilty pleasure...surfing the web and drinking coffee in your PJ'S. ( Maybe that's my guilty pleasure)
From the participating members of the Old Farmhouse Gathering.
10% off anything in my shop and I will wrap it up in a PRETTY package for you. Just type OFGwelcome into the coupon code at the time of sale.
It starts on the 9th. That's tomorrow. It goes through the 16th. Other Old Farmhouse Gathering groups will have the same coupon code. Type OFGwelcome  in the space bar at the top of the ETSY page and you will find us gals...waiting for ya. Coffee in hand. and some of us in our PJ'sTOO!
peace out.
Baggaraggs  LINKaroo!


Angela Richardson said...

I remember those days of calm after the summer holidays. Now the family have fled the nest I still feel a thrill at having the luxury of quiet mornings with coffee and PJ.s.
Enjoy yours,
hugs, Angela.x

Debra said...

I loved reading your memories dear Baggs. There's something about September that seems to be nostalgic for many reasons, for me anyway. I'm praying you are not still in pain.
Love, Bean