Friday, October 31, 2008

Winter Comes

The Land of Baggaraggs has been visited early by winter. It has crept into the forest and beckons its leafless hand to come and walk in its depths. I will look for the Father Forest who is busier than most, making all the things that Children love. I am busy in my small asllyum too, finding inspiration in the memory of a Maryland winter woods so long ago. I find inspiration in my little walks with my Albert. The bits of nature that call to me from the ground, or suspended from the trees.

Friday, October 17, 2008


I am starting at the beginning again. It is difficult to begin again and hard to learn lessons so late in life. I have hurried and have made mistakes. I will pay attention to what it means to slow down whe the sensation comes over me to Hurry Up. It always brings on some kind of disaster. I have now made to major mistakes in shipping, resulting in a bunch of broken Baggaraggian friends and some major money spent in the other mistake. Meanwhile the Land of Baggaraggs is not wanting to loose its grip on the Autumn and everything that it means. I know that I should be hearing the voices of Pilgrims and Elves. But I still have Witches in my Head. Here are some things that have had recent posts on

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have burned my finger making Mira's flower. Now I feel like selling her for 1 million dollars. Right. She has been exceptionally labor intensive, and she really wanted alot of extras. I tried to explain to her that less is more and to try to keep things simple...but she wouldn't listen to me. I think that she may have found out that in the Land of Baggaraggs we call the Birdly family "Oiseau Tetes" ( bird heads). I didn't think that they understood any french but ...word does get around. I am thinking of making an owl family from a beautiful twiggy stick I found this morning while walking Albert. They can perch along its twisted shape.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Myna Birdly

Here is Myna. you can find her on

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I was walking Albert this morning, up the back path that winds its way behind the homes of my neighbors. It is a path through trees that hang over a drainage ditch, that is frequently inhabited by Wood Storks and Ibis. this morning, the wild ipomea has grown its lavender trumpets upward and over the banks of this tiny river. I have startled Myna Birdly, from her perch in the Golden Rain tree. She flys over to tell me that the Autumn will be over soon, and the The Baggaraggs Winter will be arriving ahead of schedule this year.  Time to walk in the woods and collect the a "walk in the woods bag."

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