Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Ok, so its my Birthday.
I am 58 now.
Here is what I like about being 58 years old.
I feel more accepting of myself. I am less afraid of failing, it doesn't feel like that big a deal to me because I am JUST Relentless with Persisting I believe that I will succeed eventually.
I really do believe that.
This is part of getting older or maybe I have developed a Delusion that finally is of some benefit to ME!
Another thing about being 58 is feeling stronger, and I mean this in an emotional sense; I have more mastery over my temper (which use to be mercurial, explosive and Injuriously Impulsive)
and more accepting of Others imperfections. I am less attached to what I think should happen.
I guess that enough of all that sappy stuff.
My friend From across the Sea
Dorthe Hansen of Den Lille Lade
sent me a fabulous Birthday Packet. First let me tell you I love that word Packet.
Dorthe uses it...and has taught me to anticipate the arrival of a "Packet" with great Christmas coming.

( and it does feel like Christmas)

Look what she sent me for my Birthday.

                     This beautiful angel is MINE!!!
She is too wonderful for words. Dorthe thank YOU!


This OH so beautiful LOOK at IT Scarf!!!
It is amazingly soft and snugly. And it is in my favorite Colors.
There are always the numerous and so beautiful Tags and doo-dads that LOVE so much from Dorthe. Unexpected treasures.
Look at that Fabulous Ribbon and those OH so Tiny specimen VIALS!!!!
I am undeserving!
But so very thankful.
I love my Dorthe!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Celebrate the Winter Wonderland!

Stop by Etsy and Check out the fabulous things that the Girls from The Old Farmhouse Gathering have been working on for winter. Its a bit early but great to have a jump on the Christmas shopping! Type CWWOFG into the search bar and have a LOOK!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The Baggaraggs sale is still in progress until Friday the 5th of October. So if you have your eyeball on something GET ON OVER THERE AND GET IT!

I am NOT sure how anyone could NOT want Trixie for their Halloween Decor...she is so ....
Yuck! that one has been used a million times!