Sunday, November 29, 2009

I did my first Show in 12 years last weekend at Pinecraft in Sarasota. I have never done a show without my sister Shel, and it was a scary venture for me. I did it anyway. I guess fear has bossed me around alot. I don't want it to. So here I am with my little table, I have taken the first step. (I missed my sister.)


Here is the beautiful Photo of debra's tree Giveaway at Monniebean. She is my Great friend.
I am struggling to get my Post done today. Alot of glitchs with my computer today. I want to annouce a Giveaway on my friend Monniebeans' Blog today. to sign up please click here.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Little Windows

There is a time in Church, when I am listening to the first strains of the voices of the Choir that I think..."we aren't going to make it here folks." The song gains momentum though, we are become louder, stronger and filled with spirit, and then something happens. It feels like another dimension is opened into the Church and other voices are added. Heavenly ones. Rejoicing. As I look up at the little stained glass windows above me I see them framed in the windows. Although they have no mouths these little angels are singing Praises. Joining IN.