Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Romance begins.....

Grace Tenderstitch gingerly picked her way up the path through her field. She wondered if she should have worn a hat, and briefly chided herself for lack of confidence. She was aware that Bennet watched her progress, aware that her feet were sweating in her good shoes and that they pinched her bunion. She was admittedly nervous and felt the hem of her slip catch irritably on a patch of leg hair that she had missed while shaving that morning. She tried hard to look like she was walking in a relaxed fashion but the heels of her shoes dug in the ground and threatened to topple her. Never the less she held her head high and made great progress, sauntering along like she was use to going to a breakfast picnic at 7:30 every morning. She would normally watch where she put her feet but today she felt like a model on a runway, albeit one that wound through a tall grassy field. Her filmy flowered dress shifted off a shoulder, and dipped down causing Grace to pause and slip it back where it belonged. She was smiling in the direction of Bennet Wimmer when the grasshopper took aim at her thigh and flipped itself inside her dress, coming to rest on her inner leg close to the place where the elastic from her underwear gathered itself in the crease of her leg.
Grace Tenderstitch leaped into the air as if she was launched by an  unseen trampoline. She grabbed at her crotch, and made  wild shooing gestures to get the offending creature off of her inner thigh. The raspy legs and feet of the grasshopper tickled her unmercifully and Grace let out a squeal that was with her contortions and gyrations difficult for Bennet to interpret. He smiled nervously and then chuckled hesitantly, thinking that Grace was having a bit of fun, until Grace actually fell to the ground, swatting at her lower body like it was biting her.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Interview with Debra of Monniebean

 I am I confess a copycat of sorts, Maybe.  But maybe Debra of Monniebean and I are kindred spirits, close enough in a very deeply spiritual way that we have similar ideas, and similar happenings. So when she suggested that she interview me for her blog I thought that I would interview her. I wish I had thought of it first...the idea that is.  I do know a few things about her  that I will share with you. Her WORK IS FABULOUS.  Debra and I met on Etsy, we were both enchanted by bugs. We got to chatting and it became clear that we were ....kindred spirits.Some folks get some skills but Debra (I call her Bean and she calls me Baggy) has alot of Talents. She is a gifted Artist, Photographer and Designer.                                                                                                                                              Here are the questions I asked her: Tell us a little bit about yourself: 1)I am married to my sweet husband Geoff. We just had our 21st anniversary! We have one child, a son, Micah.

Is there anything significant about the name  MONNIEBEAN?                                                                   2)My business name, Monnie bean Folk art came form my great-grandmother. Her first name was Cora-how it got changed to 'Monnie' is a story I don't know, but I love her name anyway. I needed to identify my art with the name, so I put 'folk art' at the end. I like the way it looks and sounds. I think names are very important for a person or a business.

What excites or inspires you Bean?                                                                                                            3)I am very excited by prim art and folk art, but I really don't think I am very good at either. I think my real talent lies in design. I used to do silk screening and the designs were bold and funky. I wish I still had all my old equipment for silk screening, but I donated it years ago. I'm sort of returning to it in the stencil work I'm doing on burlap.

I am inspired by: magazines, color combinations, clouds, childrens' art work, old clothing, wool, primitive artists that can really pull it off, like-Baggaraggs, Vermont Harvest, Middleburg, all the great ones that I follow on my blogs-there's so many out there that make me say "Wow!"
How do you know when you are finished with a piece of ART?
4) I'm getting better at knowing when I'm finished with a piece-but I did have the bad habit of working something to death that was just NOT working to begin with, thinking I could make it work somehow. That's not a good idea. Now I stop at the first sign that things are not coming out right. I have a huge pile of rejects. I recycle everything though, and rejects always make you learn something!
What are your BUsiness goals?
5)My goals for my business are to make 100 dollars a week. I would be very excited over that.
Favorite Quote or saying?
6)Favorite quote: "Lord, please make me the kind of person my dog thinks I am." When I saw that hanging on the wall in our vet's office, it actually brought tears to my eyes. We had to be extremely patient with our dog, Cheyenne, when we got her because she had been abused. I learned a lot from a dog! But sometimes my rotten attitudes and actions grieve me so much! My dog loves me anyway...
What are your goals for your Business?
7)I'd like to see my business being settled to two or three things I am good at, and not so many that I don't have a cohesive look. I want really nice business cards and a great logo, tags, the whole thing. In five years I'd love to have a write up in some magazine, or have work in a gallery somewhere.
Where would you like to see your work Published?
8)Well, if my work was in a magazine-I think I'd love to have it be in "Where Women Create," which I am just gaga over. I drag my copy everywhere I go and have been so inspired by every issue. If I could make it in that publication, I would think-"wow-my art must inspire someone."

Ok the island question,what 7 items would you take (there is food and water) for two weeks if you were stranded on a desert island ( I prefer dessert island)
9)OK-the island-first of all-there are no snakes, spiders or creepy things on that island...but the seven things I'd take would be my Bible,lots of dark chocolate,sketchbook and pencil,the latest issue of Where Women Create,my camera,coffee and coffee pot.
Any classes that you would like to take?
10) A class I would take would be water color painting.

Bean What is your Fav color?
11)My favorite color is rusty orange.
 And your Fav Bible verse.
12)My favorite Bible verse is Psalm 118:17 "I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord."

No ONE does Birds like Bean. NO ONE. She has a love for Nature that is apparent in her interpretation of BIRDS. Debra has also started a new Etsy Business called BeanBaggs. She makes fabulous Purses and pillows. Aren't they fabulous? Well Bean. I think we will meet one of these days. I hope so anyway. Keep on inspiring others with your Beautiful Photos at Sparrowgrass.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Coming SOOON....

I am interviewing the Brilliant Folk Artist DEBRA, the Creator of Monniebean Folk Art and the Photographer and writer Behind Sparrowgrass. Stay Tuned...

Monday, September 13, 2010

I took this photo at Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile. It beckons with the light at the end of this covered wallway. I was captivated by it.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hortense Hopp

I had to laugh at this Glamour shot that Hortense wanted for her Etsy Picture.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Angels watching over you.

on this day, the anniversary of 9-11,
I am thinking of those people in this world who have lost someone the day we were attacked, and praying for them. I hope we can all learn to live in peace and respect each other's faith.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Madly Working...

Hillie.Flights just zoomed out of the studio. I know I have left Bennet waiting for Grace. I am WORKING ON MY STORY>>>> Sorry its taking me so long....