Saturday, November 16, 2013

Keep it Simple

The Spirit of Christmas is a slippery thing.
I sometimes look for it in the shopping and baking and wrapping
but it is not there. I listen for it in the tolling of the Church bells, announcing the Birth of the Savior, in the voices raised in Caroling.
Please let me find it. Please let me feel it.
I have had recent conversation with this Fey, who has a watch vial of red glitter in a pouch on her personage.
"Is that Magic Glitter?" I asked her.
She shrugged her shoulders.
I wanted to shake her into confirmation, to make her speak, to tell me that "YES!" This will bring that sensation of feathers around your heart. The sweet Magic of Christmas." But she wouldn't talk.
Later that Night I had a dream.
I was dressed as a Fey, and I could Fly.
My Body was filled with Light and Energy.
My Spirit was buoyant, and I had a wand.
I could see my own Heart, broken from the loss of our Beloved Dog, Albert.
The Magic Fey Flitted about me, mosquito like, darting about.
"Simple," she kept saying the word "Simple."
So this year I will find Magic in what is Simple. Not in spending Tons of money, baking until I drop, or decorating like a department store. Pushing until I have no vision for magic or spirit or anything short of a Lightening bolt to electrify my tired and Broken heart.
That is what the Magic fey is about. Simple really.
Just Magic in the Simple.
The Magic fey is made of muslin and has been coffee dyed baked and painted. She has cloth covered wire arms and legs that have been painted and glittered.
She does have a watch vial of glitter in a pouch hanging at her side, but let it be a reminder to just keep it Simple.
Take care of yourself.
Peace out.