Thursday, June 6, 2019

This is Petal.
She looks mad because she is.
Anger has a place in our lives and she is here to remind us that sometimes we aren't pretty. 

Petal is made of muslin and batik fabric in orange, like a carrot color. She has a carefully sewn in nose and a sullen expression that was painted by the Queen of the Baggaraggs. She will keep you company on the days that are just shit.
Petal is 13.5 inches tall. 

shipping 7.00
I am starting something new.
Years ago I had my astrological star chart done, and not many things stuck with me...but one of the things that I do remember was the guy telling me with great intensity that I had no trouble getting things started, but that I would have to work at keeping things off the ground. This is a kind of discipline that I have aspired to in my later life...that I would do the things that I felt help to keep things flying,
wings of determination, if you like.
One of my children calls this showing up...
I have had difficulty in my life actualizing a vision for myself. getting from a to b so to speak. 
Sometimes its just putting in the daily hard work of making little things happen and having confidence and patience to take those steps.
I am starting something new. Its a selling blog designed to keep my prices low, and offer space to another who would like to sell their work as well. 
It is the Mossthread Museum.
There is a link to it HERE.
I hope you will join me. If you have difficulty with purchasing, please contact me @
And thank you in advance for your support. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

I'd like to think that things are coming along swimmingly. I haven't talked or blogged about my last year as it has been a horror story, well not really horror...but damn difficult. I think its best to try to leave what I can in the past and press on with my semi-fabulous work. 
Here is Luna Moon-Spoonish.

Luna and I share a longing and that story can be found here: Luna
She is available for sale on my Etsy. Peace out. Robin