Sunday, September 28, 2008

Close up Eyeball Shot

I thought these close-ups would be exciting.

New Kids On the Block.

Here are some guys that seem to like this bunched up way of being photographed. I am not sure who is who, but I like the Yo-YO eyeball people. They have long hairs hanging from their eyebrows. At least they are not hanging from their chin like mine are. Don't worry, I won't post any pictures of my chin hairs...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Close your eyes, here is the Before picture. I'm not sure there will ever be an After...

September Morning

My Studio is blown up. Trying hard to get organized for the fall and winter creativity blast that is happening in my head. Not enough room. Not enough room for the creativity in my head and the stuff in my studio. I think I might actually have to throw some stuff out. Yikes, that's a scary thought. Maybe I can trade throwing away some stuff, for more creativity. I obviously haven't had enough coffee. I will take some before and after pictures.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dr. Harold Squeally

Well, after a bit of a struggle, here is Dr. Harold Squeally. He is the inventor of The Secret and Silent Liberation Of Laboratory Animal Movement. (SSLLAM) Has his little rat in his pocket. I just listed him on Etsy.

Busy Bee

My pen has been stuck. My thoughts have been jammed up and I have locked myself in the studio, making things to send to my lovely child in California. The Land osf Baggaraggs is beginning to get its first cooler weather. Here the leaves don't fall as much as the Golden Rain tree drops its blossoms onto my car and dusts it yellow. It looks like it has been through a car wash of confetti. In the winter my favorite tree will eventually loose all its leaves and be a naked thing. I have made some interesting finds. is a shop I have followed for a very long time. Check her out. All of her things are sweet and happy. I also Love the Good Wife of Washington County which can be found on Etsy as well. Well, I'm off to the Studio, or as my daughter calls it: the OOdio. Plese also check out The Ragged Raven on Etsy as well. Her inventory is down right now but her stuff Rocks Too!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Black Buttons and Morticia Mouse (the Thief)

I have posted these now Two finished Baggaraggians on my website at Etsy. Black buttons is the quintessial thing in the dark that is AFTER YOU. Morticia has turned out o be a little Pumpkin thief. How do you like them?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Some Inspiration:Albert

This is my DOG. He is my constant companion in the Studio. He watches over me, and makes sure I get frequent walks outside. His name is Albert Einstein.

This is the door to my studio, and the Entrance to the Land of Baggaraggs. And there is my work Table, crowded and disorganized.

Some friends In progress

These are some friends of mine who are working on me to become themselves. They know who they are, even if sometimes I have no real idea about who they are. The Hag is made from a cedar shingle, her face sculpted from paper clay. she has lovely long and scary arms. twin poison mushrooms shade her from the moonlight.
there is of course an infestation of mice at the baggaraggs. They are trying so hard to be defined and I am a clumsy creator. last. The mad Scientist: Dr. Harold Squeally. When finished they will be posted to my site on Etsy.


This is Willard Pillar.

Horace Twigg the Threader

This is Horace Twigg the Threader. Its his job to Thread the Needle in the Land of Baggaraggs. He has very Large eyes for peering into tiny places. If you have told a tiny lie he will find it.

Welcome to the Land Of Baggaraggs

Good Morning,
the leaves are peering into my kitchen window. They are greeting me with their faces of interest, smelling coffee that leaks through the seams of the the Land of Baggaraggs. I love their faces, their company and their season. I am soon off to the studio, making,making ,making. I am happiest making dolls, sculpting faces, painting and creating. I am in the Land of Baggaraggs. The people there speak to me with their ideas, wishing to be made real. I will try to define them as they wish to be defined, and help them find their way out of the studio. They can be found on Peace and Blessings to you.