Thursday, September 25, 2008

Busy Bee

My pen has been stuck. My thoughts have been jammed up and I have locked myself in the studio, making things to send to my lovely child in California. The Land osf Baggaraggs is beginning to get its first cooler weather. Here the leaves don't fall as much as the Golden Rain tree drops its blossoms onto my car and dusts it yellow. It looks like it has been through a car wash of confetti. In the winter my favorite tree will eventually loose all its leaves and be a naked thing. I have made some interesting finds. is a shop I have followed for a very long time. Check her out. All of her things are sweet and happy. I also Love the Good Wife of Washington County which can be found on Etsy as well. Well, I'm off to the Studio, or as my daughter calls it: the OOdio. Plese also check out The Ragged Raven on Etsy as well. Her inventory is down right now but her stuff Rocks Too!

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