Sunday, July 22, 2012


Hey FOLKS! happy Summer.
 I hope your summer is filled with magical moments, Lightning bugs, watermelon, Peaches, swimming....and BBQ's...hmmm most of the things I have listed are related to FOOD. You can tell what summer means to me. Giggle.
I am offering a 20% off sale at the Baggaraggs.
Just because.
There are some new items and I am working away to to make more birds and Fey and and other Baggaraggs' Folk.
Just Type in summer12 in the coupon code when you check out.
have fun...and No spitting peach Pits...just watermelon seeds...

Friday, July 13, 2012


The old Farmhouse Gathering (of which I am a member) is having a giveaway! It is in the form of a Shop Hop...FUN! You follow the link here, and click through the shops to find the icons...keeping track of THEM. The directions will be listed on the Blog. a Wee Bit of a Treasure HUNT!
I am Entered in the Giveaway...But I can't show ya YET! Pictures Tomorrow...and Good LUCK!!!OFG GIVEAWAY

Monday, July 2, 2012

Roma Fey

It is not a long walk that we are wanting, as it will soon rain and Albert is terrified of storms. His nose lifts upward to sniff the latest air, tasting it almost with his large black nostrils. It is nearly dark, and we stand there, waiting...deciding direction perhaps, or just listening.
There is a whispered flutter about my ankle and I reach down to swipe at it, accidentally snagging Roma's tiny wings.
She says to me "I would take the Right Path this Eve, this way, this way." She indicates, pointing right and rushing us along.
She adds, "A goblin comes, comes a Goblin."
I thank her and walk to the right path, because although Albert is terrified of Storms he Hates Goblins.
Roma Fey, is a tiny fairie, set with purpose to warn you of the Goblins in your Path.
She is has vintage trims, and has moss ribbon in her hair. She is coffee dyed, baked and painted.
There is a loop for mounting. Roma is 9 inches tall.

Roma Fey