Friday, August 23, 2013

Good News!!!!!

You know when folks say "No news is GOOD News?"
Well that has never been particularly true for me.
I have been away from my blog this summer...quite a lot.
There are times when life has more troubles then other times when things are going pretty good.
You understand that I am sure.
And then for me,
There are times when I am so overwhelmed by problems that are Chronic,
that I just get worn down and loose my perspective.
I get anxious and don't sleep good.
I know I should I don't sleep well, but I didn't.
I am not alone in all of these things, struggles and troubles, but that doesn't mean that every post has to be about sometimes I just don't post.
But today I have GOOD NEWS.
I have been Published in Stampington's Holidays and Celebrations!
They asked me to submit my Haunted House, and I did...
They accepted it.
Its here on page 80.
I wrote a story and everything.

I will say that it means a lot to be amongst such a talented group of artists, and to be published...well, that's a life goal of mine.
I will also be in Prims, another of Stampington's publications.

I am not sure what page I am on as I do not have the mag yet but I am IN THERE SOME WHERE!!!!

So I wanted to share with you this bit of GOOD NEWS!!!
In a world where good news is harder to find then good fishing worms, its a Celebration!