Thursday, April 29, 2010

Conversations with Maude

You have heard curse words before I am sure, so I do not need to use any here. What Grace heard interspersed with the tapping noise were the curses of Maude the Moth as she bammed, bammed, bammed into the Light on the back Porch.

"Would you (bam) mind turning (Bam bam) that Damn (bam) thing OFF? " This was Maude's request and Highly directive remark to Grace.
Scrambling, Grace ran for the switch that brought a partial darkness to the porch. The Moonlight leaked through the tree branches, and illuminated the spot where Maude rested exhausted on the silvered leaf of a pothos.
She cursed again, and said "OK Grace, what is it? You turned on the light and called me. Now what is it? Jeez, I have a headache." She rubbed an antennae over her tiny head.
It was Grace's turn to curse, which she did quietly. "I am so sorry Maude. Really. I didn't think...hadn't remembered that leaving the light on like that would send for you...I mean...I have been so ..." Grace could not finish. She stammered and did not finish. To say that she was depressed was an acknowledgement of something she did not wish to face.
Maude peered over at her. "What's wrong with you Grace? You cocooning?"
"Cocooning?" replied Grace bewildered.
"Yeah, the word is you can't get out of Bed. I thought maybe you were going into a cocoon, transforming yourself... You know like we Moths do. I thought maybe you called me to show off your new wings. I was going to congratulate you."
"I am not Transforming, Maude." Grace replied sadly. "I am just depressed," she admitted.
"Depressed? What is "depressed" Grace?"
" I don't really want to have this discussion with you Maude," began Grace in an agitated voice. She stopped herself. Who would listen to her? Who did she wish to have share in this problem? This burden.
"Look Grace, you ask me to come here. Summoned me with the light. I don't know what Depression is, I ask a simple question  because I don't know.What is Depression?" Maude looked up with an earnestness that Softened Grace's anger. Maude's antennae were crossed at the tips, and there was concern in her voice.
Grace looked at her hands. She took a deep breath and felt the skin tingle around her chest.  She felt a rise of sadness in her gut and the tears fell. She began to speak.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


There was no Breakfast that day in the Baggaraggs. No lunch and No Teatime either. Grace stayed in Bed with her eyes closed and drifted, with the annoying awareness that an Abba song intruded non stop in her ears. Her mind seemed to play an endless round of Super Trooper.There was a puddle of saliva that crusted onto the side of her mouth and dribbled over onto her pillow.
She did not care. At times she was hot, and then she was cold. The covers flapped back and forth to adjust to her temperature.
No one disturbed her and had they tried Murray would have issued a growl that would have sent them scurrying.
The Evening came. The light faded and the shadows in the corners of the room were melting into darkness. Grace realized she has spent the entire day in bed. There was the niggling sense of guilt over time wasted, friends not fed, chores ignored.She righted herself at the bedside and sat with her head drooping. Murray rested his head on her knee, and under her hand. They did not speak.
Grace unfolded her self into a stretch. Tentatively searching the spots at the limits of her joints where the pain would come. Trying to avoid the hot discomfort. Arthritis.
An awareness of an unfamiliar tapping sound intruded. Grace momentarily considered ignoring it, but somehow drew a line against her apathy to investigate the noise.
The back porch light was on, had been since the night before. Grace hiked her pajama bottoms up with a hand and held them at her stomach. like a sleep walker, stiff and uncertain, she walked towards the light, and what seemed to be the source of the tapping. The rest of the house was dark.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I am working on this Young Lady. She will be a Pretty Face. ..not my normal eyes ascew, Raggedy Rompus. Does anyone  want to know how to make a doll? Here are some Photos of her progress. I have boxed off the bottom so she will sit nicely.


Here is Little Edwina. She wears her emotions on her face. You can tell what she is thinking, BUT she can tell what you are thinking TOO.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The DIM, the return to Grace Tenderstitch

It is Spring in the Baggaraggs. The Jack in the Pulpits have edged their way through the forest floor. Forsythia wears the Blossoms of Yellow Easter gloves.The leaves have budded through the bark to make the first few green knuckles appear on the end of naked limbs. The bulbs are up and each day they gain strength and reach up with stronger fingers. The forest begins to gain its green luminescence again. The Light is a Living Thing, and all the Baggaraggian Inhabitants rejoice at the coming of the Warm Time. Grace knows none of this. The verdant new start begins without her. Grace is awakened in the early morning hours, while it is still dark, to the sound of twittering and excited birds. The energy with which they communicate their happiness annoys Grace. She is angry to admit this even to herself.  She wishes for quiet. She has nothing to say to the day. No greeting and no plan that she feels she can actuate. 
Her Animal friends speak quietly in the kitchen while they wait for their breakfast. If we listen this is what we hear:
"Grace still sleeping?" This remark is whispered by Ernie the weasel to Myron the Mole.
"Oi, she twill sleep her life aways. I'ze hungry Ern. Why won't she gettin up? Tis springtimes. I smell It."
"She Hibernates, and she is wearing a Flat Face when she wakes," said Ernie who was more Psychologically oriented for a Weasel then one might expect.
"I think she has a what they call a Darkness on her. That's when you disappear into your Own Shadow, get lost and become part of the DIM," Ernie added.
"Oi, I'Ze Hungry Ern," replied the Mole, who could  not comprehend the Idea of the DIM.
Grace stirred and rose. Her movements were slow and seemed painful. Murray rose to greet her. He agreed with Ernie's assessment about the DIM and he wanted the old Grace back.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Strong and Brave and Cancer free

Here is a Photo of My sister Shelly. She and her Husband Doug are Inn Keepers in Brandon, Vermont. That's their Logo right to the left. The Lilac Inn. If you click on it , it will take you to the prettiest Inn I have ever seen.
My sister is very Brave, Very Strong and is now Cancer Free. I am Thankful to God for that. I love her alot. Ladies Please have your Mammograms. It might save your Life.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

He has Risen!

Happy Easter to all of you Folks that follow my blog. Christ has Risen indeed.