Saturday, June 29, 2013


It is a time of summer storms. Rain and greening. The grass grow faster then I can mow it. The lichen and mosses and tiny bits of verdant green cover everything, mossy fingers that reach out in tropical chaos. The plants do not grow so much as they hurtle upward toward the sun.
She is almost a part of the landscape. Our Enid. I see her for a moment, a glimpse of her face there among the gingers, by the creek. She smiles and shows me her bouquet of rag flowers. and then with a flit of wings and a flutter, she is gone.
I hope you find magic this summer. Something to stir you to wonder after it rains.
Enid is a fey. Made of muslin, and scraps of fabric, some vintage. her wings are made from a vintage quilt. Her arms and legs are painted cloth covered wire.
Enid is about 9.5 inches tall.