Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I am wishing all of you that follow this blog or are popping in for a visit the happiest of Christmases. I have closed the shop for the time being. Both the Etsy shop and The Small Asylum will be closed over the Holidays. To confess I was making myself CRAZY. It will soon be time to resume and perhaps finish this chapter of the Story of Grace Tenderstitch. I think she will have more adventures. I also think that instead of typing my story along that I better think through what I write. I have typed myself into quite a corner.
Again, I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Thank you for visiting and thank you for Following my Blog. THe Peace of Christ be with you.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I am having a 20% off on my Etsy shoppe for this week. Convo me first and I will adjust the price. I hope everyone is having a better time geting ready for the DAY than I am. I am depressed, irritable and TIRED. Some Christmas Spirit HUH? Baggaraggs.etsy.com

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I am having some trouble sleeping because there are ideas breaking into my brain. I am obsessed with thinking about mice and kites. ? What is that? Anyway, here is Poppy. I like the look of her.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I did my first Show in 12 years last weekend at Pinecraft in Sarasota. I have never done a show without my sister Shel, and it was a scary venture for me. I did it anyway. I guess fear has bossed me around alot. I don't want it to. So here I am with my little table, I have taken the first step. (I missed my sister.)


Here is the beautiful Photo of debra's tree Giveaway at Monniebean. She is my Great friend.
I am struggling to get my Post done today. Alot of glitchs with my computer today. I want to annouce a Giveaway on my friend Monniebeans' Blog today. to sign up please click here.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Little Windows

There is a time in Church, when I am listening to the first strains of the voices of the Choir that I think..."we aren't going to make it here folks." The song gains momentum though, we are become louder, stronger and filled with spirit, and then something happens. It feels like another dimension is opened into the Church and other voices are added. Heavenly ones. Rejoicing. As I look up at the little stained glass windows above me I see them framed in the windows. Although they have no mouths these little angels are singing Praises. Joining IN.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Cranberries is filling my freezer with Frozen Cranberries.

Trim Samplers

Here are some of Grace's Trim Samplers that are now available on Etsy. Alot of the trims are vintage.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prunella's Purpose

Prunella Fig-Pink opened the bedroom door into the darkness of the hallway. There were no sounds. She stopped and listened for what felt like a long time. It was dead quiet. For a moment Prunella felt this to be a wee bit odd, the night sounds of a sleeping household were strangely absent, and if it were you or I who listened to the night voices in our own home, we might find that the absence of the humming of the refrigerator or snoring of our partner As a kind of a signal of distress.But Prunella Fig-Pink was filled with a black purpose and held a glowing purple jar deep in the pocket of Grace's Housecoat, and so she did not really think about the quiet much.
There were eyes that watched her progress down the hallway and through the living room to Grace's bedroom door though. It was a stumbling progress. Prunella's heart was beating fast, now racing as she felt her way through the darkness. I wish there had been a giant spider that jumped upon her face and brushed his hairy legs on her skin, making her scream with fright. There was none.
Prunella felt for the doorknob of Grace's Room. Turned it in silence. Entered softly, feeling her way. Holding her breath. Wanting to allow the hysterical giggle that was threatening to bubble up from her chest to escape, but holding back, swallowing nervously.
There was a faint light from the bottom globe of Grace's bedside lamp that glowed softly, and illuminated the the corner of the room. The rest was darkly shadowed. Prunella stifled a laugh as she thought of Grace being so afraid of the dark that she chose to sleep with a light on. Grace would soon be surrounded by permanent darkness, Prunella thought with evil purpose.
There was no war inside of Prunella Fig-Pink as she approached the bedside, no thought to stop and think it over, no internal debate.There was not one wait and think it over second that slowed her actions. She was wholly given to the idea of poisoning Grace Tenderstitch. She was so intent on her purpose that she missed the familiar presence of Murray at the bedside. That was a mistake amongst many.
As Prunella lifted the glowing jar of purple fluid fom her pocket, there were a few things that happened SUDDENLY!
Grace sat up in bed and snatched the jar of poison. Murray lunged from the shadows and sank his considerable teeth into Prunella's skinny bottom, and then from the bookshelf above her head a war cry from Peg-Leg the Pirate turned every one's head in confusion.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Birthday

This weekend to honor my 55th Birthday, I am offering a 20% off discount on anything in my Etsy shop. Please just convo me first before purchasing, and I will adjust the price for you. Sale is over at Midnite Sunday....as I will turn into a Pumpkin...what?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkin on a Pin Cushion

I have recently been thinking about geometric shapes for some reason. This pin cushion was not really a square when it began its life, and comes to an interesting point on the bottom portion. I am hoping to make some interesting Christmas Ornaments from Geometric shapes, but knowing me they will evolve into something completely different. Oh Well. I try to honor the creative process and I give thanks for it...
This PumPkin began its life as a body for a bug. It told me it wished to be a pumpkin instead. Not unlike that Pin Cushion...it was supposed to be something quite different than what it started out to be. I think my ART is trying to tell me something. Hah!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Incantation

Come to me my Hemlock drops,
Stir a little malice in,
Pennywort the heart will stop, on a bit of cinnamon.
a bit of Lake, a skin of snake, a drop of snow, a goblin's toe,
stir it deep and hatred keep the heart from beating in her sleep!
Prunella Laughed.
It was a sound that made Ernie the Night Watchman shiver.
The ghostly purple luminance faded from the crack under the door.
Ernie turned and rushed quietly off to wake and warn Grace Tenderstitch that Prunella was planning to poison her...evidently in her sleep.

Potatoe Pancakes

The evening sky was low and the clouds were smoky, full and heavy with snow. Occasionally the wind would blow the snow across the windows, sprinkling the corners of the sills with sugar-like piles. It drifted about the boughs of the hemlocks near the ground, melting their shapes into the landscape. It was cold and would grow colder.
The evening meal was being prepared. A pot of Bean soup bubbled on the stove. Grace grated potatoes for the pancakes, grated onions and chopped parsley. She turned and stood in front of the cupboard that was filled with jars of lovely things, veggies and fruits canned from the effort of a well tended garden. The smell of a Salmon fillet broiling in the oven drifted into the living room where Prunella sat and stared at the embers of a dying fire. Her mood had not improved and she occasionally snifted as if to punctuate an especially distasteful thought.
Murray snoozed on the floor near Grace's feet. Ernie stood on the counter, watching Grace select a jar of string beans, and it was clear that they were having a conversation that they thought might be overheard. It was stitled and began in fits and starts.
"I think we could take a walk tomorrow morning Grace," said Ernie gesturing silently to Prunella. It was his turn to raise his eyebrows and nod his head in the general direction of Prunella's home.
"I think a walk into the woods is definetly in order," agreed Grace nodding her head back at Ernie and making a grimace in Prunella's Direction in the living Room.
"Do you anticipate a Problem?" asked Ernie, adding hastily "The weather is not very good and the snow..."
" We might have to drag her there..." interrupted Grace in a very quiet voice, "But she is GOING."
The meal was tasty, but the tension in the dining room was felt in the shoulders of all who dined. There was no merry making and Grace felt the heavy atmosphere settle on her as the animals cleared up the dishes.
"We will will be tAking you home tomorrow Prunella." Grace drew her finger in an imaginary circle to include all the animals seated by her and around the table. All the faces present turned to Prunella. Waited for her reponse.
"Ok Grace, I can see that I am NOt welcome here, and I wouldn't want to be where I am not welcome."
The animals all nodded. Grace said nothing.
The evening wore on and Grace was happy to finally retire to bed. She sank deeply into the covers, then kicked off the lot, feeling herself grow too hot. She was restless. Murray too could not seem to get settled. He scratched at the surface of the floor and circled to find a spot.
Meanwhile, a light glowed under the doorway of the guest room, and Prunella could be heard muttering. The door opened and Prunella emerged, looked about and stole into the kitchen. She later returned with some pilfered items hidden under the folds of her borrowed housecoat. The door closed once more and this time clicked with the fastening of the lock.
The bright yellow seam of light at the threshhold slowly turned purple. Yes, thats' quite right. The light turned a noxious and glowing purple and Ernie watched from the shadows and heard her incantation from behind the door.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I am trying out the Prim Market for a bit. Its something new for me. Check it out.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grace knits

A fire sizzled on the hearth of the living room of the Baggaraggs. Grace was aware that the wood was frozen, wet and spitting, and not burning well. It occasionally spit out a mouthful of moisture with a sound of disgust. It was making a fair amount of smoke that sometimes tried to billow outward, before it was sucked up the draft in the chimney. Grace sat in a wing back chair and held her knitting in her lap. The needles went at a furious pace. Her brow was furrowed. Her thoughts were racing along, paced with her knitting. If she could have knitted what she was thinking, she would have formed a depressing knot. Occasionally she would glance over at the woman who reclined on the couch, Prunella Fig-Pink. She was partially covered with a crocheted Afghan, whose colors stood out like neon flags, joined by black. It was warm, and a bit scratchy.
There was little speech. If a bad mood could have been contagious, (and I think at times it is...)then Grace had caught it like a bad cough. Murrray stretched out his long legs and looked at the top of his paws like they were something new that had just sprouted from the end of his legs. He would occasionally glance at Grace with a nervous and anxious look on his face.
The war seemed over, if it could be called that. The Pie-Rats had not been seen in many days, make that three. The wounded friends in the healing room of the basement of the Baggaraggs had been tended to, and were off to their homes. There was only one who would not be healed and that was Prunella Fig-Pink.
Grace stopped her knitting and stretched her neck, rubbing her hands to ease the pain of hard use. She did not
like the impotent feeling of helplessness. By nature she was helpful.
Her effort to assist Prunella with her "stuckness" was met with resistance. Now Prunella had taken up residence on her couch. She was waited on by ALL of the residents of the Baggaraggs, and treated like a guest. She was reluctant to shower, yet complained about the animals being allowed in the HOuse: "They Smell Bad." She complained about the light in the house being too bright, and the food being to different and not to her liking. She frequently asked for something "else" when a meal was being served. She tried to talk with Murray secretly, complaining that Grace was treating him badly. MUrray was confused by this at first, considering this with his dog brain. His loyalty to Grace and their shared love for each other was an unbreakable bond.
He responded to her with a growl, and said "You try to make trouble where there is NO trouble."
It seemed there was no curative potion for her poisonous thoughts. Grace wanted Prunella to go back to her home in the middle of the woods. She thought of how this could be accomplished, short of asking her to go.
"Prunella," began Grace, looking up from her knitting. "Tomorrow, lets take a walk and see if we can have a look at your home...we can see what is going on there and..." Grace paused to watch the reaction that she was having on Prunella Fig-Pink.
Prunella reared up from her position on the couch. Her Oily hair hung in drips from her scalp. She scowled. "I am not stepping foot out of this HOUSE Grace. I am not risking being Attacked by those Pie-Rats. That's FINAL."
Grace rose from her chair. She clutched her knitting tightly in a fist that made anger a reality.
"I believe the Pie-Rats are gone Prunella. I am sorry to say this, but you cannot continue to stay here. Tomorrow you will go HOme."

Friday, September 11, 2009

There are No leaves that change into beautiful hues of red, orange and yellow here at the Baggaraggs. The weather doesn't cool much. The storms are worse, the humidity is at times Horrific....but this is what I get in the early fall...a blooming orchid. Cattalya of some kind or the other. It looks lonesome on my back porch which is now bereft of its blanket of folliage.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Next Door at The Small Asylum

I am working on Halloween and fall Items. The Autumn at the Baggaraggs is not defined by falling Leaves and Cooler weather. In the Baggaraggs, September is a Month of overcast days and rain, threats of Hurricanes and humidity. I love the beginning of this time though.
This year instead of a Halloween Party I am thinking of hosting a Stone Soup Gathering. I would love to hear of any ideas that anyone has about fall gatherings.
I am trying to spruce up the Small Asylum shoppe next door. I have listed this Crooked House and will be adding more items for sale there. Enjoy your day and take along your Bumbershoot!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Nancy Gnome

this is Nancy of the Blue Gnome group. (LOL) I wonder if her head comes to a point under that hat?

Friday, August 28, 2009

It has been a while since we have heard from Grace Tenderstitch. I am wondering what she is up to? Hopefully Prunella Fig-Pink has not turned her into a Toadstool or something like that. The last title says "STUCK" and I am a bit stuck.
In the mean time, I thought you might like to look at this new witch: Arminta Blacknite.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Mosswood Cottage

There is an unsual thing ahppening at the Mosswood Cottage. As I linger at the edge of there lawn, now over run with weeds, I smell the irresistable scents of Apple tart and caramel wafting in the breeze from the Kitchen window. No one lives there...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

LaVErne Presto

Here is Laverne Presto. I had a difficult time with her until I listened to her tell me that she really didn't want any arms and legs. Sh eis surrounded by hand painted leaves. ( Having Emerged from a pile of them to frighten us Children!) naughty Witch.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The winner is Phylliso! Congratulations Phyllis! She will be coming to LIVE at your HOUse! Caterpillar Lips INCLUDED!
Thanks to EVERyONE who Participated.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Doldrums GIVEAWAY

Don't Miss Out on the Free giveaway. If you have signed up, then you are in. If you haven't, time is left to JUMP in now!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I had to tear all of this out when we put the new roof on the Lanai porch. Bags of Pothos and Nephitus when to the dump:( No place to grow anything else...its a Jungle out there.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I am Hosting a DOG DAYS OF SUMMER GIVEAWAY, this lovely one of a kind doll that I have created all by myself (LOL) will be given away in a drawing held on (hmmmmm), well how about August the 5th? The day of the next Full MOON. Ok Great. Please sign up by leaving me a comment on my Bloggie here. This doll's name is Ivy Tibbits. Warning: she is looking for someone to marry and has caterpillar lips, which can be rather a draw back on the Marriage mart, so to speak. Ok? So lets find our way out of the summer Doldrums and fight over who gets IVY.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Grace Tenderstitch stepped outside in to the morning light and glanced toward the Hemlocks covered in snow. The sunlight filtered through the ice crystals and pooled in color at the base of the trees, darkly grey. Here and there the forest was illuminated with light that was neither blue nor green, but a faded and collided color of both. You know that color I mean...it is also the color of water at times or beach glass, or Ball jars. Aquamarine, I guess would be the best description. Grace stopped for a moment to look deeply into this color as it stretched out into the dark parts of the woods that was covered in snow. For a few moments she thought that she could hear the cry of the gulls at the beach as the blue-green color of the Light filled her memory with a vision of the beach, a far away memory of the wind and the placid water becoming a storm. As she was filled with this vision, she could not help but wonder what it meant.

She turned to assess the scene and search for any evidence of the Pie-Rats. None. Ernie the weasel hustled up to her and began his report. "No sign of them Grace. I think they must be held up at Prunella's House, I guess they is happy now, got a warm spot to rest and food and all. And they got the Thread-Pusher..." he signed mournfully.

"They may have the Thread-Pusher Ernie, "Grace replied but they will not be doing much sewing, I have the cord, The power cord." added Grace.

"All that fighting, all that effort and they left the one thing that makes it all go," laughed Ernie.

"Not too smart." Ernie Finished.

Prunella Fig-Pink emerged from the house, bundled in her own coat and a scarf of Grace's with Mittens and hat to match. Despite the change in clothing and shower, her face was waxen, flat and withdrawn. She bore the mask-like expression of a mannequin. Grace watched her guardedly. Prunella moved slowly, mechanically.

"Have you ever made a snow angel Prunella?" asked Grace, waving towards the snow. It lay before them in great stretches that bore tracks from tiny feet, as varied in size as the number of animals that went about the yard.

"I have as a child many years ago, but not recently Grace."

Grace breathed in. The cool air froze in her nose, and smelled crisp and clean. The scent of an evergreen bough was on the air, the wind moved about her hair and lifted the ends playfully, blowing tears from the eyes of Grace, stinging with the its icy breath. There were sounds. She bent her head to listen to the chirping of the winter birds. A pair of grosbeaks tussled a pine cone that refused to give up its seeds. Grace was aware that she was cold and warm at the same time. There was a momentary thought of the Holidays coming before Grace walked over to a nearby drift and fell over backward in the snow, waving her arms up and down, to create a snow angel. Her face was full of delight. She lay for a time in the icy powder, feeling the cold sneaking into her joints, and gradually becoming chilled.

Prunella watched without interest. She was somewhere far away, unable or unwilling to be a part of the Present.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The American Picnic and The Apple Angel

The American picnic and The Apple Angel are both available on Lemon Poppy Seeds.

The 4th of July and my Swap with Yankee Primitives

My dear Friends! Happy July 4th! I am posting this Photo of a swap that I participated in through Lemon Poppy Seeds. It is an Uncle Sam Firecracker and several (5) beautifully done bowl fillers from Yankee Primitives. He is just the BEST! Thank you Yankee Prims. YOUR WORK is really Incredible. And Happy Fourth everyone.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Morning

The morning light pryed open Grace's eyelids like a screwdriver would a paint can lid. There was something different about the way it brightened the room, and she laid still listening to the the quiet. It was abnormally bright and abnormally quiet. She new before she looked out a window what that meant. "Snow," she thought to herself. "Its snowed."

Murray struggled to his feet and said, "You up Grace?" She answered in the affirmative. I can tell you that she did not want to be up. Grace longed to snuggle deeper into the blankets and dream of the smell of fresh baking bread, and the aroma of coffee.

She got up.

Prunella Fig-Pink was sitting up in the living room, with her blankets scattered around her. Grace's pajamas hung loosely from one shoulder and her hair, although clean,was twisted around her in a tangled mess. Grace greeted her as she headed to the kitchen and made coffee. "Good morning Prunella," said Grace with a half of a yawn.

"Good Morning, Grace," said Prunella, "Why didn't you come to my Party?"

Grace took a deep breath. "Remember we talked about this last night Prunella? Remember what I said? I honestly don't remember why I didn't come to your party...I don't remember. Its been a very long time ago," Grace finished slightly agitated but trying hard to hang onto being calm. They had discussed this at lenght last night.

Prunella's eyes well up with tears.

Grace Tenderstitch watched with concern as Prunella hung her head and dripped tears onto the blankets. Things had gotten very complicated in a very short period of time, and she longed to sort them out. There was not to be an easy fix though, and Grace sighed deeply.
Murray and Grace exchanged looks. His eyebrows rose and he cocked his head to the side. "Wacko Crackers for Breakfast,' whispered Grace, gesturing towards Prunella.
Murray followed Grace into the kitchen as he said, "I think she needs more help than we can give her, honestly Grace, she is stuck!"
Grace laughed. "I am talking to my dog, who I think talks to me, I have been attacked by Pie-rats, and have a triage area and clinic set up in the basement for wounded animals, staffed by Red Cross Nurses that are MICE. I think I might have one or two squirrels in my own attic," she finished pointing to her head.
"She is Not Present," continued Murray. "she is somewhere stuck back in the past, waiting for her Party."
Grace acknowledged this Nodding her head. "I am wondering what would change if there was a Party...if that would help free her of this....fixation."
"You think if you had a Birthday Party for Prunella, that it would help? We are in the middle of a war with the Pie-rats Grace," pointed out Murray with some exasperation. "Hardly the time to launch a full scale Birthday Party!" He concluded. "inside the World
of Wacko Crackers...that's where we are Grace. I think she may need medication, and that would require a trip to one of those Head doctors...what do you all call it? Psychiatrip?" Murray finished and went to lay down on his favorite kitchen rug in front of the hearth.
The cat door opened and Ernie the weasel stuck his head under the flap. "No signs of the Pie-rats Grace," he said. "Its snowed," he added as an afterthought. He withdrew his head only to trust it through the cat door again with the following query "Any Breakfast?"
"watcha want this morning Ernie?" Grace asked..."Scones again?"
Ernie nodded and once again withdrew through the cat door, closing off the draft that had chilled Grace's ankles and made her shiver a bit.
There was a feeling of comfort and safety in the kitchen at the Baggaraggs. Grace made the scones and as the aroma of the coffee brewing drifted though the house, it brought with it a momentary contentment. The Pie-rats were gone. Where, no one seemed to know.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New friends

This is mIllie the Millepede. She has 14 legs.

Unusual Friends, a purple cat and an orange bird upon his back. Now on my Etsy

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The time goes by so fast. I wonder in Heaven if eternity is just a feeling of one long day spent with those you love doing all the things that you like? This week was like that. I can't tell you how I spent one day in particular...nothing too special other than my Kids, and grandKids were in my HOUSe and that was the most special of all, eating and swimming and making silly art together. Just spending time together. I had grand plans...Disney, Bok tower, beach at Sunset...nONE of them were actualized. We ate like Hogs on a Holiday, Laughed and cried, and made things to give away... and made memories. i love my Children so much. I am proud of them for who they are and Love how they have all turned out. They are awesome People.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Daughter is home

Here is Buff and Bryce with Friedel. Making the Hang Loose sign of the Surfer that Bryce calls "Alpaca." I know...I had to laugh too.
Sometimes, I have to take a break from making stuff and spend some time with those who make me smile, those I LOVe. My Daughter Friedel is home from college for a brief Visit and Is pictured here with rowan my grandson.