Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Call for Folkartist interested in a Vermont Show?

Hello Fellow folkartists. I am wondering if anyone has interest in participating in a folkart show that would be held at my sister's Inn in Vermont the weekend of October 22nd. The Inn is an esatblished one and advertising would be done throught the Vermont Lodging Association as well as local newspapers.Here is the link to my Sister's beautiful Inn: lilacinn.com Check it out. We are working on a package deal to those who would like to spend the weekend there.

    Monday, April 25, 2011

    Mirabel Mermaid
    Mirabel Mermaid Mirabel Mermaid
    Well, it is evening in the Baggaraggs, and the temperature has dropped to under 90. We take a walk on the beach and watch as the sun begins to drop behind the horizon. I am standing in the waters of the Gulf and feel something poking at my ankles. I look down and see her as she gestures frantically to the place where my feet are planted on a sand dollar, a friend of hers. I move my giant clodhoppers and she waved her thanks, and disappeared. I am left to watch the sun dip into the waters of the Gulf with a smile upon my face.
    Mirabel is tiny. She is made of muslin and is about 6 inches tall with her hair extended as if waving above her in the water. She is 4.5 inches wide.
    she has been coffee dyed, baked and painted. She has vintage trims, buttons and lace.

    Cecil Seahorse...BeachaRaggs

    I am embarking upon a new series of BeachaRaggs creatures...baggaraggs at the beach. I have been thinking of making some patterns and getting some copyrights. Thought you might like a glimpse of Cecil Seahorse.

    Sunday, April 17, 2011

    Old Farmhouse gathering Giveaway

    This is my contribution to the GIVEAway...just thought you might want to see her....http://oldfarmhousegathering.blogspot.com/

    Sweet Summertime Giveaway at the Old farmhouse Gathering

    OFG-Summertime-200x200                                                                                                          Ok, Pay Attention NOW!!!!

    There is a Giveaway to celebrate the Sweet Summertime at the OLD FARMHOUSE GATHERING. You gotta sign up. There are over 35 artisans (including me) that have signed up to donate to this Giveaway. All you have to do is click the link to enter. SO ENTER!!!!
    These ladies are MAD Talented...like winning a POT of PRIMS!!!!

    Good LUck. have a Raggy day.

    Thursday, April 14, 2011

    Bella-a Gypsy Sparrow

    Bella- a Gypsy Sparrow

    Bella- a Gypsy Sparrow
    Bella- a Gypsy SparrowBella- a Gypsy SparrowBella- a Gypsy SparrowBella- a Gypsy Sparrow
    There was a colorful caravan of Gypsies traveling through the woods near my home. My Mother warned me to stay away from them, and I know I should have listened, but they stopped to make their camp near the three cliffs where I liked to go and climb the monkey vines.
    The old woman beckoned to me. She was seated next to the campfire and her wagon steps lead into the depths of what looked like the entrance to a circus. I did not have ears for her voice as she asked to tell my fortune, I had only eyes for the tiny bird, dressed in a Gypsie's shawl perched on the old woman's lantern. She was worn looking, but not defeated. Tired but still defiant.
    " I have come for the sparrow," I croaked in a voice that was not my own. "I claim the Sparrow, Bella." And with that, the tiny bird flew to my shoulder, and took her place there amongst the strands of my long wheat colored hair.
    The old woman stood, bent and crooked with a dome upon her back that seemed a hill on her very being that would soon bury her.. "Your Mother told you not to come here! Get thee, with your young magic!"
    And I hurried away.
    Bella is nearly 6 inches long, and made of fabric that has been coffee dyed and baked. She has vintage trims and hangs from a thread attached to a Yo-Yo.
    She is worn looking, but not defeated. tired but still defiant

    Wednesday, April 13, 2011

    Bongo's Giant

    Bongo's Giant
    Bongo's GiantBongo's GiantBongo's GiantBongo's Giant
    Bongo slept in his burrow after planting his carrot seeds. He awoke one spring morning to find the roots of a carrot thrusting its hairy chin through the wall of his cellar. With some effort he DUG and Dug, uncovering a prize that even he had not dreamt of...a Real Giant Carrot!!!
    Hope your spring is full of surprises like Bongo's.
    Bongo is made of muslin and calico. He has been coffee dyed and painted, baked and finished with vintage button eyes. His carrot is painted muslin. Bongo is my own design. He is 12 inches tall. His Prize carrot is detachable, if you can get it away from HIM.

    Friday, April 8, 2011

    Mother Blue

     Mother Blue
    Mother Blue
    Mother BlueMother BlueMother BlueMother BlueMother Blue
    She has seen some winters, our Mother Blue. We were glad to see her arrive this spring and take her place in the Blue Bird Box, albeit looking battered. Her life has been well spent raising countless chicks and singing many summer songs. She has lifted my heart, our Mother Blue.
    Mother Blue is made of muslin and other fabrics. She has vintage button eyes and a a lovely piece of vintage lace that falls across her primaries to sheild her from the spring chill in the air. She has a large bell on her tummy, to chase off the neighbor's cat. Mother blue hangs from a piece of waxed linen thread that is sewn to an aqua colored yo-yo. she has been coffee dyed , baked and her dimensions are 5.5 inches long and 4 inches tall without the hanging thread.

    Thursday, April 7, 2011

    a pastel wind rustles the curtains, annoucing a sweet spring voice. It stirs me with energy, and fills me with the desire to discard old things, and make my home fresh and clean. This little bird sings a similar song of tidiness and vernal color.She is made of muslin with multi-layered wings of textured fabrics and lace. She hangs from a purple thread that is adorned with a handmade yo-yo flower. All have been coffee dyed, and baked. There is a tiny tag aroung her neck with the spring message,"Nest." Dimensions: 6 inches long x 4.5 inches tall.         Baggaraggs.Etsy.com

    Wednesday, April 6, 2011

    I have been struggling with this new computer and a person would think by now I would have it down pat. My old one crashed before Christmas last year, and was replaced with me transferring the old files to the new one. One of the biggest problems is the loading of photos from the computer to my Etsy or facebook or my BLOG. Sideways. I have edited them through smart media and they seem perfectly normal, then when loaded they are sideways. So please bare with me. I may have to go through Photobucket or actually consult my husband, the Great Brain...and give him yet another opportunity to be Right. Or maybe you all will have to look at sideways pictures. Just turn your monitor...upward...