Monday, April 25, 2011

Mirabel Mermaid
Mirabel Mermaid Mirabel Mermaid
Well, it is evening in the Baggaraggs, and the temperature has dropped to under 90. We take a walk on the beach and watch as the sun begins to drop behind the horizon. I am standing in the waters of the Gulf and feel something poking at my ankles. I look down and see her as she gestures frantically to the place where my feet are planted on a sand dollar, a friend of hers. I move my giant clodhoppers and she waved her thanks, and disappeared. I am left to watch the sun dip into the waters of the Gulf with a smile upon my face.
Mirabel is tiny. She is made of muslin and is about 6 inches tall with her hair extended as if waving above her in the water. She is 4.5 inches wide.
she has been coffee dyed, baked and painted. She has vintage trims, buttons and lace.


Clare said...

she is lovely - i wish she could swim to my shores - where i might find her sitting next to a piece of weathered drift wood.

Barb said...

She is Fabulous! I love her.
Would love to be in Vermont with you but money!?! That would be a drive for me with 2 kids in tow plus goods. My SIL lives in Burlington. Now if I win a lottery count me in!
Enjoy your day,