Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bongo's Giant

Bongo's Giant
Bongo's GiantBongo's GiantBongo's GiantBongo's Giant
Bongo slept in his burrow after planting his carrot seeds. He awoke one spring morning to find the roots of a carrot thrusting its hairy chin through the wall of his cellar. With some effort he DUG and Dug, uncovering a prize that even he had not dreamt of...a Real Giant Carrot!!!
Hope your spring is full of surprises like Bongo's.
Bongo is made of muslin and calico. He has been coffee dyed and painted, baked and finished with vintage button eyes. His carrot is painted muslin. Bongo is my own design. He is 12 inches tall. His Prize carrot is detachable, if you can get it away from HIM.

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