Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bella-a Gypsy Sparrow

Bella- a Gypsy Sparrow

Bella- a Gypsy Sparrow
Bella- a Gypsy SparrowBella- a Gypsy SparrowBella- a Gypsy SparrowBella- a Gypsy Sparrow
There was a colorful caravan of Gypsies traveling through the woods near my home. My Mother warned me to stay away from them, and I know I should have listened, but they stopped to make their camp near the three cliffs where I liked to go and climb the monkey vines.
The old woman beckoned to me. She was seated next to the campfire and her wagon steps lead into the depths of what looked like the entrance to a circus. I did not have ears for her voice as she asked to tell my fortune, I had only eyes for the tiny bird, dressed in a Gypsie's shawl perched on the old woman's lantern. She was worn looking, but not defeated. Tired but still defiant.
" I have come for the sparrow," I croaked in a voice that was not my own. "I claim the Sparrow, Bella." And with that, the tiny bird flew to my shoulder, and took her place there amongst the strands of my long wheat colored hair.
The old woman stood, bent and crooked with a dome upon her back that seemed a hill on her very being that would soon bury her.. "Your Mother told you not to come here! Get thee, with your young magic!"
And I hurried away.
Bella is nearly 6 inches long, and made of fabric that has been coffee dyed and baked. She has vintage trims and hangs from a thread attached to a Yo-Yo.
She is worn looking, but not defeated. tired but still defiant


Rumi said...

Hi Robin,
I think I'm caught up with you now. Love the little stories that go along with your creations!

Happy Spring to you!

Janice said...

Bella is beyond charming! The story of how you got her is also beyond charming. You are the best, Robin!!