Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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Oh and here is todays' Ribbon.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Gnome Home Tutorial

Ok Class, take your seats...Not PICK your Seats...(giggle)

Today we will work on making a Traditional Gnome Home Gift Envelope from those Trusty Paper bags you painted some days ago...RIGHT!!!!
These Colors are, I think, Typical for the Gnomes that Live at the Baggaraggs, I think I might have an Alpine group of them, since they seem to go for a Swiss Look, and I can hear periodic Yodeling...
So we started with a green painted Grocery bag. Pictured here with my Trusty PINKERS:

I cut out a shape that I felt would be slightly longer then what I wanted because the back part of the house will be cut so the front part of the house can form a closure lip. I know that sounds complicated but I took a PHOTO and I will show that part to you in just a minute.
Here is the house shape I cut. EYEBALL IT. For those of you who do not wish to EYEBALL It, The house is 12 inches tall and about 6.2 inches wide.
Ok. NOW, we will cut a piece off the bottom of the back of the HOUSE. Like this:


 here is what the Back looks like folded up. It would be better if my photos didn't SUCK but...I am trying my best. FOLD That Bottom Part back, so that it makes the LIP of the envelope. The crease will be the line where your Door will be situated.

Now the Wild Rumpus STARTS...Begin to sew on your embellishments with the largest pieces first. I started with a Polka-dot taffeta Gable. AGAIN use a ZIG-ZAG or satin Stitch. a Straight stitch will cut the paper.

Build your gable and doorway as you see fit.
I put a piece of vintage netting over the finished gable with sparkles inside. I would actually not suggest the sparkles or GLITTER as the Net did not secure them and they delivered their magic onto me at intervals...spilling out little bits of silver stars...I did also put a vintage stamp there in the gable, and The Gnomes said that was alright...the Stamp is from Bulgaria, and one of them has a sister from there.

Make your Doorway. I used some fabric sent to me by my friend Dorthe of Den lille Lade
as the actual door and some vintage lace as a door frame.
I also added some Bricks to the side of the walls.
You can see there that the door is not situated on the bottom of the house. Its because that Bottom part gets folded backward to make the closure of the envelope.

At the Bottom of the front of your HOUSE, sew your seam binding on the raw edge of the lip of the envelope. DOWN at the bottom where it will be folded backward.

Here it is sewn on and folded to the back. Set your Grommet now and sew on a button to the back of the house where your string can close the envelope securely. It looks like this on mine:

Now...sew your One side seam, beginning with the roof and down the side.
Sew down to the bottom of the wall of the house but STOP when you reach the part that folds over.
Iron it. You can cover it with a dish towel if you want to protect your IRON. Make sure that the Lip is folded backward on the bottom. I added a tag and a rusted bell at the roof. Gnomes are just crazy about BELLS. My tag says Dear Santa, so this envelope could hold the secret wishes of That part of your self that is and always will be a Child.
In the Classroom of the Baggaraggs there are NO MISTAKES. We celebrate Imperfection Here. if you have questions, just leave me a message.
( I always wanted to say that TOO!)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tomorrow: GNOME HOME Bag tutorial

                 Previews of coming attractions...
tomorrow I think we will make Gnome Homes from a Paper bag. Wanna? LET'S!!!!!!

I need RIBBON Tutorial.

Let's make this TODAY!!!!

Ok. Settle down Class. ( I have always wanted to say that...like I was a teacher...giggle)
Today is a further exploration of our painted paperbags that we started yesterday. I am sure that everyone painted them right UP!!!!
I have at times wanted a Lovely Ribbon, something that says "This is a SPECIAL GIFT!"
I have One trillion ribbons in my studio, but I like this idea that even the smallest bits get upcycled, have a new purpose, have another LIFE!
I paint dryer slips, save little bits of paper, and Lovely little snippy bits from my sewing and they all go into a bag. Periodically, I scrounge the studio floor for little this's and that's...You get it. I am a complete NUT CASE.
Well, what am I saving this stuff for anyway?Today I will show you.
Take that paper bag that you have handily painted.
With your Pinking Shears or whatever scissors you have, cut your bags into long strips, lengthwise.
Dip into your Lovely Snippity BITS BAG. Don't be afraid to include paper, lace bits, string, stamps, Quilting bits...You get it.
I try sometimes to coordinate colors. Sometimes I just let it happen and allow my intuitive SELF climb out and not think much about it.
There are lots of interesting things in my pile, and the idea is to Layer them together, sewn back and forth...Soothing....

 I use a zig-zag stitch here again, in a coordinating color. The thread color matters but if you only have a few choices go with BLACK!

Start at one end and sew your foundation of long bits to the bottom. LIKE THIS:

There are NO MISTAKES HERE...you can't make one and I love that about this ribbon...it really all looks LOVELY in the END.
It is easier to add the smallest BITs at the end. Just add from one end to the other....building a substrate that you find PRETTY!

            I have used bits of old quilts and lace here.

 Here it is! Folded up and tied with a piece of yarn, and a scrap of an insect Book. I will add the finishing touch, a tag to write upon...VIOLA!

OK Class. That's it for TODAY! Hope you have a lovely Sunday.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Paper bag Tutorial

When the grocery bagger asks me "Paper or Plastic?," I smile. Inwardly I giggle.
I say "Paper PLEASE!"

My Creative self eyes these bags with Pleasure, and a KIND OF ITCHY FINGERED CAN'T WAIT FEELING! ( I am also a fan of FREE) (Warning: These envelopes are RUSTIC looking)

So what can be done with a paper bag? Well, I have made party hats, collage envelopes, and Gift bags. For a start. I think about packaging more than most folks I guess, and How I would feel about receiving a pair of earrings in an envelope like this for Christmas:
Today I would like to show you a Gift Envelope or "Secret Keeper."
Ok, under your kitchen sink are bound to be paper bags, stored, folded up.
Get those bad boys out and cut the bag along a side crease down but NOT into the bottom of the bag. Cut around the bottom of the sack so you have two pieces when you are finished. It should look like this:

Well, those are the bottoms. The bag stretched out with paint on it looks like this:

Paint them. Keep in mind what you have for trims, die cuts, stamps, fabric, or what look you are going for. DON"T FORGET TO paint THE BOTTOMS of the bags because that is what we will be working with today.
They should come out looking kind of like this. Don't worry about the little jagged edges or places that do not seem well glued. This project is going to look Rustic and handmade which it is!

Bag Bottoms. ( maybe upside down...please stand on your head)

Ok, this might be the Hardest part of the WHOLE THING!!! You have to wait until they DRY!
Snatch up one of those bag bottoms!

Fold it into Thirds. No measuring necessary here, just a rough guess. The top lip should fold down like a envelope lip.
( I know you are looking at my dirty fingers...)

I usually start with with the lip of the envelope, adding lace or fabric or additional embellishments. So, get your Thread Pusher ( sewing machine) threaded with a coordinating thread and set it on a satin stitch. A straight stitch will cut the paper, and you Don't want that. It is better to use a wide zig zag stitch. GOT IT?

I know it might seema  little weird to sew lace or fabric to paper but it will be ok.
Add embellishments as you like. layers of them with a place to write when you are finished is nice!
If you discover some not well glued areas in the construction of you envelope, satin stitch those areas together. Then sew up your side seams.
You should have something that looks like this, well it will look like yours...
Iron IT. That's RIGHT. Cover it with a dish towel if you like and put it on steam and IRON IT!
It is now time for a grommet. ( NOT VOMIT)
I am not a measurer, so eyeball it. If you don't have any grommets I will send some to the first 5 people who ask me for some. I am Grommet Rich.
I finished this one with a butterfly die cut and a rusted safety pin. So now it looks like this:

Ok? I am sure that you can think of a million better ways to alter this...So have at it.
and have a lovely day! I will answer QUESTIONS if you have any. Just leave me a comment and I will get back to you.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

OFG Welcome coupon!

I remember those last days of summer; ambivalence reined supreme. I was happy (sort of) to have the kids back in school so I could "get things done" and have some peace and quiet. I liked my children. MOSTLY. and I have always LOVED THEM.  I have enjoyed being a Mother, and felt oddly a little sad about seeing them go off. Not too sad though.
Not like medication sad.
 I knew the other side of the PEACE and Quiet was the hustle and bustle of homework and bedtimes and hurried meals and arguments over grades...some of which were STUNNING.
That's another story...
I knew that there would be hassles over "NO CLEAN UNDERWEAR," and "I can't find my SHOE!"
and I knew that there would be those days where I would get Played, Letting my "I am so SICK, TOO sick, TOO SICK" child stay home from school, too tired to argue with them about going that day.
This coupon is a WELCOME BACK for you. Welcome back to some moments of peace before the school calls and says your kid is throwing up in the lunch room. Welcome back to the quiet before you tear apart HER BEDROOM and clean out YOUR DAUGHTER'S CLOSET....OMG.
Welcome back to the times of Guilty pleasure...surfing the web and drinking coffee in your PJ'S. ( Maybe that's my guilty pleasure)
From the participating members of the Old Farmhouse Gathering.
10% off anything in my shop and I will wrap it up in a PRETTY package for you. Just type OFGwelcome into the coupon code at the time of sale.
It starts on the 9th. That's tomorrow. It goes through the 16th. Other Old Farmhouse Gathering groups will have the same coupon code. Type OFGwelcome  in the space bar at the top of the ETSY page and you will find us gals...waiting for ya. Coffee in hand. and some of us in our PJ'sTOO!
peace out.
Baggaraggs  LINKaroo!

Monday, September 3, 2012


Here it is: SEPTEMBER!
can you believe it?
The fall is here and I have such a feeling of vague disapointment in myself. I have been off all summer with my shoulder recovery, and I just thought I would Make and MAKE!!!!
and I have made...
I HAVE....
But somehow, I have the feeling that I have not accomplished what I thought I would like to.
Well, I have accomplished a New Shoulder.
and what I haven't accomplished I will Get that DONE TODAY!

There are NO unrealistic expectations there.

Let's fly on into Fall...