Sunday, July 31, 2011



Potions, a Witch Potions, a Witch Potions, a Witch Potions, a Witch Potions, a Witch

Potions looks out over the line of Folks that waits outside her Cottage, wanting a Potion. Some have a spotted fever, some an unsightly wart or maybe a black fungus emerging from their ear, BUT most want a little something called LOVE. So desperate are they for LOVE in their lives that they are willing to stand in the pouring rain without a bumbershoot to pay the last coin in their purse for IT. The Elusive IT: LOVE.
It is tiring work, but this little witch knows its Power, knows that LOVE heals, that LOVE endures.
She is made of painted muslin, coffee dyed, baked and stitched upon. She has a tiny watch vial about her neck, that may be opened if you desire. She is about 14.3 inches tall.
May you be Happy.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Ghost Bird

There was a toad in the pool this morning. It was clinging to the pool sweep over by the drain, and when it saw me coming to rescue him, jumped into the water and swam away for dear life. It obviously did not recognize me as a form of HELP.
I patiently waited for him to come to the surface and watched as he chambered up onto the hose of the pool sweep, quite exhausted by the effort.
I was able to fish him out and was rewarded by finding another tiny companion, swimming listlessly in the outlet as well.
I had a thought about it all, besides the one where my kids chide me for picking up toads with my bare hands...
and wondered how many times I too have turned away from HELP, being unable to over come my FEAR, and walk the Path toward that which would HELP me and my situation.
I have been bossed around by Fear much of my life. I am ashamed to admit this cowardice, however it is none the less true.
I think I have mostly been afraid to succeed, as failure is what I am comfortable with, it is the familiar  water of my Pool.
So. May I have sense enough to NOT turn away from that which would help me, teach me, GUIDE me, and May I not resist the urge to Succeed. may I attend to the thoughts that inspire me, and NOT dismiss them. May I act on them, actualize them and Recognize their source as being inspired.
May I have the good sense to appreciate the Prayers that are answered.
And may I have courage enough to act, TO ACT, TO ACT, even when I am Afraid to do so.
May you also.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer struggles.

Good Morning from the Land of the Baggaraggs. Arrggggh ( Pie-rat talk)  but its humid and hot. Mowed the grass yesterday and midway through got in to the pool to cool myself off. We lovingly refer to the Pool as the Polar Icecap, as its always COLD...being under the trees.
I am grateful to have a Polar Icecap Pool to dip myself into, and a Lawn to mow.
although I am slow in sales, I would like to openly thank God for an Etsy shop, and My gift of Creativity.
There are many things that have happened in the course of this summer that have been a weight on me, and my heart has at times been filled with anxiety. My daughter has been injured, my dog is sick, and ...I need a surgery myself.
We struggle don't we? I have little energy at times to PUSH Back against this encroachment to my contentment. I become immobilized. Worry freezes me. I loose my Emotional Balance. 
Here is what I think really helps...
Find another person who will bow their head with you and Hear your Prayer. Pray out loud with them.( I did in the medication room the other evening at work, and I feel BETTER)
try to eat something GOOD everyday.
try hard to help some one makes your own burden lighter.
Like Winston Churchill said NEVER GIVE UP. NEVER.
Push back against your physical limitations, Push back against the thoughts that LIMIT you.
I promise I will too. I Promise I will try my Hardest every day. and I will remember to be grateful for everything and to say THANKS.
May you be Happy and Free from suffering. Robin 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A little Night Work

Working nights can be hard on folks. Flying off 5 nights a week to St. Stygians Asylum to care for the depressed and psychotic can have an effect on a Witch. Maude keeps her chin up though and flies on, carries on and administers her Potions with tender, loving care.
Maude is 18 inches long and made of muslin that has been dyed in coffee and baked. She has also been painted and sewn upon. Maude is one of a kind. She has a hook for hanging and would enjoy a break from her nightly duties at the St. Stygian Asylum.