Sunday, April 25, 2010

The DIM, the return to Grace Tenderstitch

It is Spring in the Baggaraggs. The Jack in the Pulpits have edged their way through the forest floor. Forsythia wears the Blossoms of Yellow Easter gloves.The leaves have budded through the bark to make the first few green knuckles appear on the end of naked limbs. The bulbs are up and each day they gain strength and reach up with stronger fingers. The forest begins to gain its green luminescence again. The Light is a Living Thing, and all the Baggaraggian Inhabitants rejoice at the coming of the Warm Time. Grace knows none of this. The verdant new start begins without her. Grace is awakened in the early morning hours, while it is still dark, to the sound of twittering and excited birds. The energy with which they communicate their happiness annoys Grace. She is angry to admit this even to herself.  She wishes for quiet. She has nothing to say to the day. No greeting and no plan that she feels she can actuate. 
Her Animal friends speak quietly in the kitchen while they wait for their breakfast. If we listen this is what we hear:
"Grace still sleeping?" This remark is whispered by Ernie the weasel to Myron the Mole.
"Oi, she twill sleep her life aways. I'ze hungry Ern. Why won't she gettin up? Tis springtimes. I smell It."
"She Hibernates, and she is wearing a Flat Face when she wakes," said Ernie who was more Psychologically oriented for a Weasel then one might expect.
"I think she has a what they call a Darkness on her. That's when you disappear into your Own Shadow, get lost and become part of the DIM," Ernie added.
"Oi, I'Ze Hungry Ern," replied the Mole, who could  not comprehend the Idea of the DIM.
Grace stirred and rose. Her movements were slow and seemed painful. Murray rose to greet her. He agreed with Ernie's assessment about the DIM and he wanted the old Grace back.

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