Saturday, January 10, 2009

Swain, the Cat

Swain the cat had a sense of humor. With newcomers, he like to pretend that he could not speak and plainly had no language. He twitched his whiskers and eyed Maybell while licking his lips with relish. Maybell who had been frozen to the spot, felt a surge of anger go through her like an electric shock. She had realized with some sense of indignity, that Enough was Enough. This adventure had already turned into an ordeal. She barely had time to process the thought that she was going to be eaten, before she acted. "You Filthy Animal," she cried and leapt upon his nose. Her little yellowing incisors sank into the triangle of grey velvet that marked the top of Swain's nares. If she was going to be eaten, she would not be consumed by a cat with No Language without a fight.
Swain had dealt with a number of mice in his day. His position of intimidation over rodents had been something that he had secretly enjoyed, although he would have denied it if questioned. When he delivered them to Mrs. Tenderstitch, they had a tendenacy to arrive in shock...trembling and past fear.
Her behavior was therefore unanticipated.
His reaction to her attack was worthy of comment. "God's Teeth!" he cried out loud, and leaped backward into the air with Maybell's jaw clamped down in a rottweiler grip. "YOUCH!" he yelled and flailed Maybell back and forth like a tiny rodent flag, shaking his head while she waved about, in danger of loosing her hat and her drawers. "Get off! Turn Loose you crazy MOuse!"
Hearing his voice at last over the adrenaline surge that now pounded blood into her ears and a lightness in her chest, Maybell released her grip upon his nose and sprang, with a last dig for leverage of her hindclaws into his bottom lip, to the floor.
" You, you cad!," she cried. " You're not a cat, but a CAD!, " she repeated with an indignant snort. She felt the urge to bite him again surge through her little veins.
Recognizing that he was again in danger, Swain did something he had never done before in the presence of a Mouse, but seemed
wise under these circumstances. He took a step Back. TThere were several beads of blood that popped up on the grey velvet triangleabove his nostrils. He gingerly acknowledged his injury by twitching his nose. It throbbed. He wondered what kind of recent innoculation he had recieved that would protect him from rabit animals.....................................................................................
"Well, Welcome Madam, to the Baggaraggs!" This was all he could think of to say.


jb said...

Wonderful blog!!- Rally enjoyed my visit

Julie said...

Hi Robin, i am reallyn enjoying this story. I think when you are done you should get it published. you are a very talented story writer. I can't wait for more. I love the characters you have created to go with the story they are better than i could have imagined.LOL Julie