Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Sunshine and the SHADOW

I have no story in me today. I hate having to surrender my time to go to the doctors, and my creativity in worry that there might be something wrong with my physical body that keeps me from doing what I love. I do not willingly surrender my time to appointments and Manatory meetings. I also do not like negativity, and this is not like me, but I feel tired and worried. Tomorrow will be better.


Debra said...

Robin, keep that smile goin' and remember-people are praying for ya.
Love, Debra said...

That is exactly what is going on with me.Going to the doctors....a day gone,going for a test,another day gone by.Where are the days when I could fit everything in together & keep it going?That is why I haven`t been blogging either,can`t create,can only read & go to church,which is fine as God in the end will care for all our needs,hang in there,Robin.phylliso

Julie said...

Hi Robin I'm sorry to hear you are tired and worried, I will add you to my prayer list, I agrre with Debra keep smiling,Julie