Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prunella's Purpose

Prunella Fig-Pink opened the bedroom door into the darkness of the hallway. There were no sounds. She stopped and listened for what felt like a long time. It was dead quiet. For a moment Prunella felt this to be a wee bit odd, the night sounds of a sleeping household were strangely absent, and if it were you or I who listened to the night voices in our own home, we might find that the absence of the humming of the refrigerator or snoring of our partner As a kind of a signal of distress.But Prunella Fig-Pink was filled with a black purpose and held a glowing purple jar deep in the pocket of Grace's Housecoat, and so she did not really think about the quiet much.
There were eyes that watched her progress down the hallway and through the living room to Grace's bedroom door though. It was a stumbling progress. Prunella's heart was beating fast, now racing as she felt her way through the darkness. I wish there had been a giant spider that jumped upon her face and brushed his hairy legs on her skin, making her scream with fright. There was none.
Prunella felt for the doorknob of Grace's Room. Turned it in silence. Entered softly, feeling her way. Holding her breath. Wanting to allow the hysterical giggle that was threatening to bubble up from her chest to escape, but holding back, swallowing nervously.
There was a faint light from the bottom globe of Grace's bedside lamp that glowed softly, and illuminated the the corner of the room. The rest was darkly shadowed. Prunella stifled a laugh as she thought of Grace being so afraid of the dark that she chose to sleep with a light on. Grace would soon be surrounded by permanent darkness, Prunella thought with evil purpose.
There was no war inside of Prunella Fig-Pink as she approached the bedside, no thought to stop and think it over, no internal debate.There was not one wait and think it over second that slowed her actions. She was wholly given to the idea of poisoning Grace Tenderstitch. She was so intent on her purpose that she missed the familiar presence of Murray at the bedside. That was a mistake amongst many.
As Prunella lifted the glowing jar of purple fluid fom her pocket, there were a few things that happened SUDDENLY!
Grace sat up in bed and snatched the jar of poison. Murray lunged from the shadows and sank his considerable teeth into Prunella's skinny bottom, and then from the bookshelf above her head a war cry from Peg-Leg the Pirate turned every one's head in confusion.


Rumi said...

A-Ha! Prunella is foiled. Unfortunately for Murray, I'm sure she tastes mighty bad!

Jacque said...

you simply amaze me.. thanks for sharing.

Debra said...

Hello Baggatha...
Finally got my new computer!! Thought I'd say howdy!
Loveth, Bean