Monday, October 4, 2010

Bennet acts.

Startled by Grace's fall and her thrashing about, Bennet found his feet in motion, full throttle through the meadow toward her. Doves launched from the field, rising hastily on their squeaky wings to get out of his way as he tore down the hillside and reached her yelling "Grace, what is it, what is it?"
Hysterical laughter mixed with tears was all that Grace could respond. She was reaching up inside her skirt hem batting at herself.
Bennet decided this was his time to act. he grabbed the offending dress bottom and heaved, rending the seam at the waist, and revealing , to his acute astonishment Grace's Pink under panties with tiny cranberry roses on them. A large green grasshopper sprang out and ricocheted off his left shoulder, bounding away.
Grace angrily covered herself and them tried to rescue her torn clothing from Bennet.
"Look what you did," she cried.
"I'm sorry, "he stuttered, horrified.
Grace glared at him, until at last a ting hysterical giggle issued forth and they both dissolved in laughter, slumped in the long grasses of the field.


Marty Mason said... are you gonna get Grace and Bennet out of this? I can't think of a single good explanation that anyone would believe to explain her torn dress!!

Loving this Grace and Bennet saga.

Jacqueline said...

oh I am so glad they are moving forward... and that Grace did hide tail and run away with her dress bottom in her hand..

Cave Creek Primitives said...

Can't wait to see where this leads.