Tuesday, November 16, 2010

been a while

So today I had to appear in court, as I was a witness to a traffic accident that happened on I-75, this summer. I watched in helpless Horror as a driver of a furniture truck switched lanes without apparently seeing the car next to him. He drove his truck over the side of the car, ripping the car to pieces and causing the car to loose control. I yelled out "Jesus help them." The car served to the right shoulder and came back into the right lane and collided again with the truck. They then parted again and the car veered into the palmetto off of the highway and I seriously thought that the people inside that car were dead.
The car was shredded.
I stopped and with shaking hands dialed 911 before getting out of my car to see if I could assist them in some way.
No one was injured. Not the folks in the truck, or the people in the car.
I could not honestly understand how this could be but I was thankful to God that it was so.
Today, I had to confront the driver of the truck in front of a Judge, who claimed that the people in car drove into him instead of vice versa. Not so. The driver of the truck was found guilty, and was angry by this verdict. After we exited the court room, he was quite hostile, yelling at me that I had lied and done so in a court room. REALLY? He was quite intimidating, and to be truthful, I was a little afraid. I did feel calm. I did think there was something that I should say, but I said nothing.
I did feel peaceful. I am sorry that the driver was fined and that he may have lost his CDL license to operate a truck, but everyone was alive and uninjured. That was the most important part of the whole thing to me. It seemed a fairly simple conclusion to come to.
The driver of the truck was so angry. I struggle to try to understand how he thinks lying about any of this would make it better.
I have lied before in my life. I confess to this. I am not much of a liar now adays.
To lie about something so very serious though is to twist your spirit into a hunk of shredded metal, not unlike that car totalled on the highway.
Please be careful driving. This is an unusual post for me. This episode occurred the same weekend that my friend Debra of Monniebean witnessed another terrible accident many states away in New York. She also stopped to render aid.
Please be a helpful citizen. Even if you have to go to court, do your best to try to make things right.
Please try not to lie. Your guts might get twisted up as a result and that would leave you in pain.
Please handle your anger appropriately. I don't know what to say about that. Claim the gift that is meant for YOU. If its not yours don't accept it.
Thanks for reading. Peace out.


The Moonlit Stitch said...

Good for you woman! The truth is not always easy or popular, but it is necessary for justice. ~*~Lisa

Debra said...

Way to go, Baggs. What a creepy acting guy-and to take it out on you to boot. God put you there for that exact moment in time (at the accident). Pretty awesome to think about, huh?
Just as awesome is how we became pals. So glad we did. Some day we will meet in person.
Loveth, Bean

PS I hate lying. I have been a liar. I'm creepy sometimes....

Unknown said...

Good for you, telling the truth is not popular again more! But you did see a miracle those people not hurt! WOW!

Rumi said...

Very scary! Amazing no one was hurt. I'm sure the people in the car were so very glad you spoke up and told the truth about what happened. How terrible to be the ones wronged and then be blamed.

tiptoethruphylsgarden.blogspot.com said...

I`m glad you were there.God places us where we need to be.And you witnessed a modern day miracle,not many reconized as such these days.God bless you,love,phyllis