Friday, December 31, 2010


I am waking each morning to the darkness of pain in my shoulder and elbow and back. It is starting the day in this way that has me bothered, as if some black Bell tolls out another step toward my Body crumbling. I am feeling as if my strength is ebbing and my spirit is flagging. These times I carve out a hole for hiding and rest from fears that I will stay stuck in this dreadful rut of SElf-Pity.
I will believe and honor this day that I am just gathering and recooping my strength, find my favorite quilt and sleep a few moments without guilt or worry that I am never going to get my creativity back. I have decided to spend each day trying to make someone else happy and be happy myself by acting from a place of Love. there are no other resolutions. may you be Happy, May you be healthy, may you be peaceful, may you be safe and may you be free from Suffering. May I also. happy 2011. There is nothing that can seperate us from the Love of God.

3 comments: said...

I have been praying about you,having not heard from you,I felt something was wrong.May God place his healing hands on your body & your soul as well,giving your peaceful spirit back.I shall send you some love in the mail,love you,dear friend,phylliso

RosesRadishesandRubbish said...

Dear Robin,

I am thinking of you and was so sad to see your post. Thanks for always reaching out to me and know that I am praying for you. I KNOW that you will get your creativity back and I am praying that you feel better soon.:) xo hugs,love and prayers, Amy

Debra said...

You have always made my day and life better-just by being YOU. There is no one else like Baggaraggs. I loved this post except I don't like hearing you are in pain.
I love you. Bean