Sunday, January 16, 2011


Ok, so I am hearing a noise that sounds like running water in the bathroom, but Everything is turned off. I am writing this passage in small text in hopes to minimize the BILL that I am sure will be staggeringly Large. So Last night I get home from the hospital to towels, yes my GOOD ones, lying in a sopping mess on the bathroom floor with MY husband looking more agitated than normal. Something is leaking, and welling up in the floor. Well, isn't that just GRAnd? So at midnight, we are rocketing around the house, outside with a flashlight, looking for the water valve to shut off the water hurry up it won't turn oh get a screw driver can't get it to turn, that's the wrong valve you've shut off the pool, ok that's the right one. WHEW!!!!!
Ok, so today, the plumber comes and I guess we have a slab leak and the house has to be re-plumbed.
I guess no one told the household gremlins that seem to be so intent on having the place crumble, that we are starting a new year and that NOW, everything is supposed to be just PEACHY!!!!
So far this year, I have not spent any time at all in the studio except to try to organize it. I am doubtful about using my regular vacuum in there for the floor, because I think the first swipe will surely clog up the bag and I think I will have to use the SHOP VAC.
Well, that's it for me. I hope all is well with you guys. may we be free from suffering, happy and peaceful. RObin of baggaraggs.


Unknown said...

Leaks suck, anytime, anywhere! Hope the bill is small. Sending plumbing angels to help you out. said...

Our house has the old copper piping & the dh is always fixing leaks.I wish we could afford all new piping.Living in the woods,we have acid water,which doesn`t help.Hoping for a miracle for you,may you bill be small & may your creativity bounce back in thoughts that have you sewing up a storm.I`m fixing up a care package for you,I wondered about sticking in an art doll quarterly mag,do you get that?phylliso

Debra said...

Dearest Baggs,
this is not fun. You need to get in that studio too-all your little friends miss you. I think the fish was an omen. Now you need to make some dry land creatures....
P.S. i use a shop vac all the time. Love 'em