Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vera, a spool angel


Vera, a spool angel Vera, a spool angel Vera, a spool angel

Vera is a spool angel with moss hair sewn to her little head. She is a collage of colorful fabrics and will arrive in this hand sewn paper envelope. Vera is attached to a vintage spool and stands 5 inches tall.
Vera refused to tell me her story. She made some insulting remarks about my writing abilities and said she would save her tale for her new "People."


Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Vera sure is cute :0) I love the colors you used.

Jody said...

Vera is adorable! I just love the personalities that you give your dolls....so darn cute!

Clare said...

i love Vera - she looks rather naughty though - i get the impression that she is a pretty stubborn gal. hope her new family are prepared for interesting times with her.

Debra said...

Vera is cute.

Baggs-I keep forgetting to ask you who the person is in your header with the two large orange eyes...he is just the funniest! Every time I come here he makes me laugh!