Sunday, July 31, 2011



Potions, a Witch Potions, a Witch Potions, a Witch Potions, a Witch Potions, a Witch

Potions looks out over the line of Folks that waits outside her Cottage, wanting a Potion. Some have a spotted fever, some an unsightly wart or maybe a black fungus emerging from their ear, BUT most want a little something called LOVE. So desperate are they for LOVE in their lives that they are willing to stand in the pouring rain without a bumbershoot to pay the last coin in their purse for IT. The Elusive IT: LOVE.
It is tiring work, but this little witch knows its Power, knows that LOVE heals, that LOVE endures.
She is made of painted muslin, coffee dyed, baked and stitched upon. She has a tiny watch vial about her neck, that may be opened if you desire. She is about 14.3 inches tall.
May you be Happy.


Clare said...

Despite appearance - it is the magic of love that this witchy seeks, perhaps she can make a love potion and find true love!

RosesRadishesandRubbish said...

yes Robin,

I think the magic of LOVE is what keeps us all going...and I only wish we could bottle it and give it away.:) xoxo

Love her!!