Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bird Therapy

My Mother use to say that she hated to see the spring come. We lived in the woods and for some reason I found all the Baby birds that had fallen from their nests. It was like I had a baby bird magnet installed right over my heart that drew me to them. I would of course pick them up, and bring them home. Not a single one survived, and I am sure that the diet of crackers and milk may have had something to do with it. I've never really gotten over it. Scarred for life.
This little Bird inside a fabric case is a handy remedy for anyone wishing to overcome these tragic memories.
He handily fits in the black net pocket for storage when you need him to. I think that he is a cheerful reminder that many birds have actually survived the spring without my ministering to them.
This handy dandy fabric case ties in the back over a vintage button. The bird cage on the front has been free sewn with my trusty Thread Pusher. (That's Baggaraggs talk for sewing Machine.) Off hand I do not have the dimensions, if that's important to you, I'd be happy to provide you with the details.
PS. This is not for a child, just a Childlike adult.


Tins and Treasures said...

I used to try to save baby birds too...and baby mice!! Such innocent little creatures...

Enjoy the lovely autumn weather we are having. ~Natalie

Dorthe said...

OH my goodnes dear Robin, this is such a sweet and funny thing- I love that little one ,whom is ready to be saved :) and saved into his own cosy and warm birds home- You are the best dear friend- I so love reading your stories, and this one coming from your own life just speaks of your loving and dear heart.
Hugs and love-

Clare said...

When we were kids my dad found a little bird in his factory and bought it home for us to look after - it did survive. It was a sweet little bird - i used to sit on our heads - so we called it Toppy. We didn't keep him in a cage - one day he flew in a big circle outside and was gone forever. I love this little reminder that you have made!

My Creative House said...

Dear Robin thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, what a gorgeous and funny reminder about little bird you have done, I love your work everything you make are so special and unique.
Hugs Anni