Friday, April 6, 2012

Copying and Suffering

Some thoughts have been brewing in me, trying hard to take form in my Gut, tangled threads of my ways of thinking that are trying hard to weave themselves into a coherent Birth.
I am trying hard to attend to these thoughts and allow their shape, bring them out into the light so I can take a good look at them. I thought maybe I would share them with you.
In 1978 I went to work in an inpatient psychiatric hospital, as a nurse. An LPN. I have worked inpatient since. I think that's 34 years. This includes 8 years of inpatient and residential adolescent sexual offender work, and sexually reactive pediatric work, and about 24 years of adolescent inpatient psychiatry. I now work with adults and geriatric patients. My 34th Year.
I am acquainted with suffering. Not from the external pain of an injury to the flesh, but one I believe that is maybe born of how we think and what we do with our wrong thoughts. I include myself in this, a human being with irrational thoughts and actions myself.
There is much written about how to dispute irrational thinking, and the development of tools for the alleviation of this kind of suffering. The Suffering of the mind full of Wrong Thinking.
I would not attempt to provide my Good readers with a dissertation on the teaching of the Buddha, or Albert Ellis. 
Working in psychiatry has changed my way of thinking. it has  become part of the fabric of my mind, and in a world where instant gratification rules and  folks try to manage their wrong thoughts with anxioletics and antidepressants, I try my best to teach some of the principles of disputing irrational thoughts to my patients. Mostly without success. That is another story.
So why am I thinking and writing about all this?
Well, I have recently been a victim of my own wrong thinking, and have created alot of suffering for myself, because of my own wrong assumptions and actions. I thought someone was suffering, and I could Help. and that was NOT MY JOB. 

The other day I was updating Facebook and reading some of the entries of Folks there. The subject of "copying" came up, and I read what the writer had written, interested in what at the time seemed to be the THING that was creating Suffering in another peer. The actions of another (or many others) of Stealing her ideas, patterns and work had created alot of Rage in this individual. Now, I have admired her work, and could see that she is a Brilliant designer, as in fact I believe some of her Peers to be. She has had much success and notoriety, and I believe (my Belief again) that she is one of the great designers of our time.
At that moment, I felt that I would like to join her in her outrage, and made an initial remark that extended my empathy for her ego of course propelling me to "Run with the Big Dogs" and join the group. Nothing wrong with that right? I, of course, forgot that to join someone in their righteous indignation is an Unholy alliance, But I DID Because I is my chance to JOIN the group! ( MY need)
As I began to think about the situation and her suffering (again my perception), I remarked that perhaps she would have less suffering if she remembered to be grateful for the Great GIFT she had been given in the Form of Creativity and original thought. I also stated that I did not wish to diminish the Act of Stealing, but that she could suffer less from this act if she remembered Her Great Gift...

WOW, those remarks set of a firestorm of rage leveled at Me...
I had stated that I had never had my ideas ripped off, but felt I could understand her suffering. Suffering is Suffering Right? I guess not. I guess no one has really suffered unless they have had their patterns and ideas ripped off by some loser in the Market Place, some parasite who cruises the Internet looking for a chance to steal someones' ideas, and duplicate them for themselves.

I think that's a BAD thing to do, I  think there are ways to prevent some of that, but in this World, with the Sunshine comes the Shadow. With great Success, some one is Bound to try to Copy you. I do not agree with it, but I think it is bound to happen. My thinking about it is That Sucks Squids, But they did not STEAL your GIFT. They did not ROB you of your Source.
I repeat, They did not break into your Soul and STEAL your GIFT.

I am not sure that I think it is Terrible.

Here is what I think is terrible. Terrible. TERRIBLE. The suffering of a CHILD whose parent has tied them to a CHAIR, injected them with drugs, Sold them to their CUSTOMERS to be sodomized with ROCKS and what ever else they could find. Then trying to have mastery over that experience by doing it to others.

That was my JOB, to help try to ALLEVIATE that suffering.

On Facebook when I said the Metta for this Person whose ideas were Ripped off,
I was told that my thoughts were NOT a comfort to others, "Rainbows and Lollipops" I think one person remarked....
as I was reviewing the whole thing a thought occurred to me that I had actually been ripped off. One of my Internet Buddies stole my Idea of making Snails. Right after I posted the photo on my Blog, she started making Snails, and by GOD she has been selling them ever since... great Guns and making more money than ME...a whole LOT more. I got mad about it, and severed the Link to Her Blog and Then I guess I forgot about it...jeez, I kinda miss her.

Rage draws alot of ATTENTION. Joining in makes for an Unholy alliance. it can make a MOB mentality...and Folks say and do things that they may never say,or DO.
So, from the viewpoint of a NEWBIE, which by the way I am really not to Dollmaking and ART...
I wish you well.
May you be happy. may you be safe. May you be healthy, May you be Peaceful, may you be at ease. may you be Free from SUFFERING...
Yours truly.
Truly ROBIN.


bszejk said...


I in no way want to diminish the unkindly act of copying another's work, but to attack you in such a manner is unnecessary. I don't think you said anything wrong or meant any harm, and I am sorry that others can't see the same.

Happy Valley Primitives said...

Robin, you are incredibly brave to talk so openly and honestly about this unfortunate situation. I have also been a little 'sucked' in to reading the comments of the individual whose ideas are being discussed. I think that your comments were meant as a beautiful way to recapture the recognition of the person's gift, and I'm sorry you endured such awful remarks. I have felt that, because of the negativity involved in this issue that I will spend my time away from those who dwell so much and find inspiration in individuals like yourself who do so much good in the world. Thinking good thoughts for you today, and hoping that you have a wonderful Easter!


Firecracker Kid said...

Robin, hold your head high my friend. I know those gals don't have a clue what you were saying to them. Plus they have blinders on with their rage. Stay happy and sweet :o)
Enjoy your Easter.

Robyn said...

My Other Robin!
Thanks for the insight into your caring soul. Sometimes others are so blinded by their rage they misconstrue kind and caring thoughts. Been there done that! Please know that those that love you would never think negatively towards you or your comments! You really meant well. Being given true talent is a wonderous gift! Sending Big Hugs! Robyn

Unknown said...

Oh, how I loved this post! I feel just as you do. What a GIFT many possess. I'm one of those 'simple' folks who could care less. Truly, I feel it an honor. Guess I'm one of the few. Deep. Insightful. Thank you for sharing!

Deb said...

Robin, I was privy to that particular FB interaction as well and was shocked at the comments that were directed towards you. I agree with Carol, the participants were unable to understand what you were trying to say because of their outrage at the 'thief'. I am sorry you had to endure those hurtful words and applaud your ability to wish them peace. A lesson for us all to embrace the positive and shun the negative, thank you for your reminder and for your gentle heart.

Lisa said...

I just wanted to come over & say hi, thanks for the comment & tell you how much I love your dolls. I saw on Dorthes blog the one you made. I saw your post & have no idea of the back story but what you wrote moved me. I have my own views on 'stealing' and the different levels of that. Blogs, etsy, FB, Pintrest, we're all surrouned by images & are inspired. It's hard to know where the originals came from. Taking a copyrighted design is indeed wrong but I agree 100% with what you said. We all need to be grateful for what we have & not get twisted over things that in the end will mean nothing. I hope this makes sense to you. Just know you made me think about things today.

Unknown said...

You did nothing wrong, all you did was to help someone out. Sad how people miss read what is written and turn it back on us. Keep you chin up, you tried to help someone out. More then most human will do!

Baggaraggs: said...

Thank you to all who have offered me their Support this Day. HUGS to you all. Robin

HollyRidgeCreations said...

I thank you for sharing yourself and your did so with such eloquence and feeling. I am sorry to hear what happened to you. It is sad that some can get so caught up in the moment and in being heard that they won't take the time to let what they are reading to really sink in. Thank you for being you.


Dorthe said...

My dearest Robin,
your post is so right,- my friend- and life is far too short to be so much concerned about someone "stealing" an idea, or way of creating,-indeed that can`t be compared to real suffering,in this world. I know you so much now, that I`m SURE you only meant good, and wanted to comfort this person, in her anger-to try make her see how such a case is surely not that importent ,as to make it something to suffer from! That they did not read you right, or understood, is not your falt-and you should NOT take notice of their hateful words- You are the kindest and sweetest woman-a wonderful friend, and a loving and giving individual-only thinking good of everyone.
May you be happy, may you forget those persons,and their words to you, and may you smile again.
I love you dearest friend.

Gollywobbles said...

Robin, I think you have your priorities straight. You have to be a very sensitive person to last in your profession. It takes a special person to do what you do, and thank God for that. You are capable of "feeling" more than most folks can, and that can be painful. Your post is brave and honest, and I wish more folks thought like you, shared like you, and were more like you. Keep your focus on the positive, that is where the sunshine is. blessings, Sam

Unknown said...

Oh Robin! What a beautiful post! I knew I saw so much more in your creations the first time I saw them on Etsy! And you are correct- many will copy the millions of fabulous ideas out there- but no one can steal the soul that goes into our creations. I have to share with you an insight I lived by during the many years I spent as a therapist in a runaway shelter: the worst someone has been through is the worst they know. Like you, I learned to find the positive in everyone's experience because hate and rage are powerful drugs of self-destruction. Seeing the depravity that is out there definitely changes one's perspective on the trauma scale but we are better for it. I am certain that many of the children I worked with have grown into adults that have passed through your facility. I am ever happy to know there is a gentle and understanding soul still in Florida to receive them. For you, there could never be a copy ;)

Doreen Frost said...

Robin. What a wonderful, thoughtful and amazing post. You are a gifted, thoughtful and joyful person and that is a wonderful thing to be. You did NOTHING wrong. There are many people in this world who, for reasons I simply can not figure out, enjoy anger, confrontation and pain. It is WONDERFUL that you tried to help but as hard as it is to face..sometimes you have to accept there are those that refuse to be helped.

Speaking as someone who has experience with this kind of situation, I can simply say, continue to be who YOU are and do not give them a moment more of your time.

hugs, doreen

Debra said...

Baggs~ I missed the rukus on facebook, not being there any more, but from what you have written here, I can only stand up and shout "Hallelujah!"

Right on, sistah! I don't need to repeat what everyone else commented, but you just keep on being that true YOU, Miss Baggy Pants.

Love, Bean

Dixie Redmond said...

Robin - The creative world, like the larger world, is full of all kinds of people. Kind people, egotists, thiefs, sharers (not a word!). I agree with you - someone can take a particular design (steal it) and make money from it, but they cannot take away a person's ability to make designs.

On the other hand, it still stings when it translates to money not deposited in the family checkbook. For many artists the sale of their designs and food are paying for important things for their family. If the stealing of a design could morph into a sandwich taken from a child's mouth people might understand it more as stealing.

Hugs to you for having fallen into the cross-hairs of the creative realm. Ouch!

Rosie said...

You tried - you did your best - people can't always hear the truth when it is spoken. Let it go and move on for your own soul's sake.

Carol Stuck said...

Kudos!!!! Thank you for finally being the one to bring to light what is truly important. You have said all that needs to be said.