Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hi Everyone. Thank you for Prayers, Lovng Thoughts and KINDNESS from you all. All well wishes have been greatly appreciated. I am recooperating!!! I'll spare ya the gorey details...YUCK!
In the meantime I thought it might be worth having a look back at some past work...some of my former FAVS. Hope you are doing great!


Createology said...

Thank you for updating your condition. Sounds like you have made it through the worst part. Prayers and Healing Hugs continue for your speedy and complete recovery. :o)

Gollywobbles said...

Good to hear. Hope you reach the other side of the mountain soon...one day at a time.....Hugs!

Debra said...

love you miss baggs~

Hope you will be able to Make Things very soon. Your work is a Delight in this world.

RosesRadishesandRubbish said...

So glad you are recovering and I pray for continued healing and hoping you aren't in pain. I see you have been "pinning" over at the boards so that's a good sign.:) love and hugs, Amy xo

Dorthe said...

Hello dear friend,
so glad you are recovering good, and hope for you it will be quicker and quicker for each day!
You know I think warm thoughts to you every day Robin, and will go on pray for you.
The sweet ladies from the past and birdy, are all wonderful!
Hugs and love-

Barb said...

Hi Robin,
I am hoping you have a speedy recovery and are back to your good self soon. Thoughts and prayers for you!