Thursday, February 7, 2013

The First Baggaraggs Bird Purse

So, there are so many times I just need an extra pocket, or what I am wearing has no pocket at all, and I want one to carry my Glasses, my keys, Ipod, my phone. WHATEVER.
I have as a result , created this Fabo Bird purse!
I have made myself quite a few and folks seem to like them...I thought maybe you would too.
This bird is completely lined, sewn with my trusty Elna in a 5 thread chain stitch over lock, and is made from a rust colored upholstery fabric. It is lined inside with heart fabric, so your hand will get some LOVE when you reach inside.
Well, that's the idea anyway.
There is a buckle on her wing that doubles in design as the purse flap to close it.
The usuable pocket of the bird is 6x6 inches. It is meant to be worn across the chest, and sits at the hip or ribs, depending how tall you are. The strap is 22 inches long on ONE SIDE. In total 44 inches. The strap itself is made of canvas duck, fininshed with a 5 thread chain stitch over lock too.
Her beak is burlap, and her primary wing is made from a vintage quilt scrap.
Buttons are vintage.
She has a black tassel tail.
Peace out!


Unknown said...

Love your bird purse :0)

Debra said...

It's beautiful!!

Dorthe said...

She is the most wonderful sweet birdie, bag, and I LOVE the ,-get a little love when reaching for ones stuff inside :-)
You are marvelous Robin-
as I saif on fb, it will be on my to buy list ,before summertime!!
MUCH love and smiles ,do you know,you alwayes makes me smile!!! what a gift from someone I admire and love.

Createology said...

Unique, practical and very creative. Simply wonderful. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts... said...

A SWEET little purse,everyone can use an extra purse like this to tuck things in,love it!phyllis

Erin Fish said...

This is adorable. Love it!

Gabriela said...

This is so cool!!!!!!!!!Love it!