Tuesday, May 7, 2013

No mistakes!

Some folks have asked me at times
"Why do you coffee dye your dolls?
And why do you bake them?

There are a lot of methods for aging primitive creations.
You can find recipes for making your dolls look primitive or old, all over the internet.

I like strong coffee for this process of aging. and usually use it hot and right from the same pot that I am drinking from.

It takes a little bit of nerve to pour it over your freshly made creation...
and I sometimes think..."OH NOOOOO!"
"I've ruined it."
and truthfully, in the shaping process and rinsing process that occurs afterward, I try to redeem some of the colors that get muted.
I literally hold the face under the kitchen spigot and rinse it...and shape the neck and clothing. Wringing it out to get the extra fluid out...
I place the doll FACE DOWN on aluminum foil.
into an oven at 325 degrees.
I like to think and I do BELieVE that baking them gives them something I cannot.
It infuses them
with an unknown.
Turns them over to an in between where my hand creates and that of the unknown,
 where I think Magic happens.
In the TWEEN,
something Happens. I cannot explain it to you...other than to use these words...they are all that I have.
I trust this process.
When I paint the face,
and lay down the first color of complexion,
The coffee migrates to form a halo around the face itself.
Framing the chin, the eyes and so forth.

Be fearless.
There are no mistakes.


Unknown said...

Sometimes I am torn between the words and artwork in your posts. Both are infinitely beautiful.

Dorthe said...

Yes I so agree with Jacquie!!!
and dearest friend, thankyou for being such a generous soul as to tell the world about your tecnique with the dying and "burning" you does that to perfection Robin-
I count 10 of your magic dolls in this room where I type now! they are all different, they are all gorgeous, and I still love every single one, you created, and whom lives with me!They makes me smile, and feel a bit of you are here ,my loved friend!!
Hugs and smiles from your Dorthe

Stacey said...

Jacquie has nailed our thoughts, I do believe. I love that TWEEN place. Thank you for inspiration and for letting creative people understand that there are no rules....no ticket for coloring outside of the lines.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the same process as anagama pottery where the action of the ash makes the work and the potter doesn't know until she removes it from the kiln. I like that you embrace the mystery of your creations and let their voices flow through yours. xox

Createology said...

I am liking your new banner. But then I like everything you create. Telling your process is very intriguing and I don't think words can explain some magical happenings to your dolls. They are truly unique and special. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

Jean Lennon said...

I love your dolls they have so much character. I must try baking them but I dont like sticking pins in their heads so how will I feel about baking them in the oven

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Your art dolls continue to evolve and become more beautiful and magical over time Robin. You are awesome. ~*~Lisa

Debra said...

You and your art are loved.

DollZandThingZ said...

"Be fearless.
There are no mistakes."
I love that!