Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer Letter

Dear Friends of the Baggaraggs.
The summer rains have come, and the cycle of thunderstorms have arrived. I'd like to say that's about it, dust my hands together in a gesture of "DONE!"
but really that would  not be true.
I am not sure how to write about what is happening here in the Land of the Baggaraggs. Maybe I will just borrow a line from one of my Favorite movies "Star Wars" and say "There is a disturbance in the Force."
I will spare you the gory details, but in truth I am worried about my family. 
 I have made mistakes in parenting, I'd like to add the caveat that most parents do, but somehow I think that makes mine look insignificant.
They are NOT.
I am reaching for greater honesty.
Reaching for the courage and strength to try to free myself of old patterns in my family of origins.
I would like to suffer less, and I would like my children to be free of any suffering I have created for them.
I am working hard to try to pave a way, an emotionally safe avenue for my children to work out past STUFF with me.
I am holding out my hand and my heart...trusting that I will have the strength to endure the pain of what needs to be said, and face my own shortcomings as a Mother.
So the summer thunderstorms have come,
Bringing some potentially healing thunder and emotive lightening with it.
And so on the Fourth of July,
I would like to invite you to your Own Independence day.
A day Independent of Fear.
One Independent of Old Grief, and sadness.
A Celebration of greater Honesty with your family, courage and tenacity to untie old knots,
and patience to listen to each other. Hear each other.
And greater Love.
May all beings be free from suffering.
In love, Robin
PS How is your summer going?


sharon said...

Sending love sweet anytime. Love you.

Barb said...

Thank you Robin! Fabulously said.
I need to do some thinking on this with my own family and parents. Then hopefully my children will be able to do this with me!
Well said my friend...thought and strength sent your way!

Unknown said...

Oh Robn! This is exactly what I needed to hear. No parent is perfect, no child is perfect- what happens in between is where true healing exists. I am at a huge crossroads on both fronts as well. I am here with hugs, ears and a box of tissue anytime you want!

Dorthe said...

My deearest Robin,
Please don`t be that hard on yourself- I wish I could just hug you big, being there beside you talking, and trying to help you ,make your pain go away.
I know the feeling about not having been the parent I now wish, I could have been- I will tell you later !!
I pray the Baggaraggs , will find strengh and piece ,and be able to go on ,even with the knowlage you have now. I pray for that for you, my very dear Robin.
I am with you in my thoughts and love you.
Your Dorthe

Peggy Jackson said...

You are so brave! If only we would all explore and forgive our own shortcomings as parents so courageously. God knows, we all have them, even with the very best of intensions!

Createology said...

May your storms be gentle and you find rainbows filled with love and growth and understanding. Life is never easy and we all have issues. Healing Energy for you and your family... said...

I can't say it strongly enough... Me too. You're not alone, I promise. Many Blessings and complete healing to you, kindred spirit.

Angela Richardson said...

Hi Robin,
This struck a chord with me too.
No one is perfect and why oh why do we feel we have to be. 'To err is human'.
Some of my family would have me in sackcloth and ashes for silly mistakes I've made and even reading your post makes me realise that I won't succumb. I have found inner peace and I am feeding it daily by liking myself.
Sending you some inner peace, Angela.xx

Deb said...

Robin, we all make mistakes, it is a fact of the human condition; to recognize these mistakes and learn from them, that is what is important. And to be able to teach the lessons that you have learned from these mistakes, that is what makes YOU a wonderful parent. I am sure that the road you and your family are on is rocky and that you will reach many crossroads where the path is not clear. I send you hope that you will succeed and peace that you will all come out stronger. Sending good thoughts and support, Deb

DollZandThingZ said...

Didn't see this post until today.

We all make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. Nobody is perfect--that I know of! Let it go...

May all beings be free from
enmity, affliction and anxiety,
and live happily.

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Hey Robin. Yep. Just because we keep our white picket fences freshly painted doesn't mean everything is perfect inside the house. AND IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE! We are human, not God. The beautiful thing is we get to try again every-single-morning we wake up. We will always be works in progress. Always. We will always make mistakes. Always. We will always worry about our kids through the good and bad. Bless your heart this summer ♥ Lisa