Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Petal Dreams


  • Some long time ago,
    and she cannot say exactly when,
    she accepted the end of the summer garden.
    She does not believe that she will have the scent of lobelia again,
    or tangle with the invasive mint, or feel the furry leaves of the lambs ears.
    Or feel the bees buzz her cheek, or wait upon the opening rose bud.
    She dwells now in Petal Dreams,
    a place in her thoughts she does not share as longing with others.
    Imagine the surprise
    and the stretching of her heart,
    the swelling with joy,
    the fulfillment
    when spring comes
    and another chapter is written.
    Petal dreams is made of muslin and calico, and has been coffee dyed baked and painted.
    Her sheep hair is sewn to her head.
    Her trims are vintage lace and hand dyed rayon seam binding. She is dressed with vintage rose leaves and Mulberry flowers. Her wings are wedding net and moss ribbon.
    She is 9.5 inches tall.


    Dreaming of Vintage said...

    Such a beauty!

    Baggaraggs: said...

    Thank you Kelly. Hugs, Robin

    Baggaraggs: said...

    Thank you Bean, Love ya. Baggy

    Deb said...

    So beautiful and wistful Robin, love your work so much <3

    Baggaraggs: said...

    Thank you Deb. <3