Friday, December 19, 2014

The Snowflake fey

       The Snowflake Fey has a story to tell you.
Once upon a time she met another Fey who...well, he just plain adored her.
He wrote her love poems, gathered posies to scatter at her feet, and made her a mean meatloaf.
She told him that she loved him too, but she didn't really.
She did love the idea that someone adored her though and encouraged his adoration.
After a time,
She felt perhaps that with her good looks,
and lively spirit
that she could maybe do better...after all...he was not a rich and handsome Fey,
and Love comes easily doesn't it?
So she spurned his advances,
turned away his kisses and love, and fed the meatloaf to the ravens.
As Fate would have it,
The North Wind Fey chanced to observe her behavior,
and chanced to observe the tears of his son, The Summer Breeze Fey,
whose heart she had broken.
With a frosty breath he turned his son's tears into snowflakes
and then tasked the Snowflake Fey with guiding those snowflake tears into the eyes of lovers as they are about to be kissed.
The Snowflake Fey has a chance to be released from her sentence with your help.
On a winters day, when perchance a snowflake lands in your eye, take the hand of your beloved and kiss them sweetly.
She is nearly free of this curse, and has only a 100 more snowflakes to go before she can love again.
Although I think her chances with the Summer Breeze Fey are Zip.
She is 8.5 inches tall


Anonymous said...

Oh my lovely indeed. I certainly will place a kiss upon my beloved and help her out.

Debra said...

This is so sweet Baggs.....

Janice said...

How romantic, indeed! And I would love that "mean meatloaf" recipe! *Smile*

jerilanders said...

You are the best storyteller!

Thelma said...

Nice blog. Nice story.

Unknown said...

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