Thursday, January 8, 2009

Myron Mole

I thought you might like to have a glimpse of Myron Mole.


Friedel Fisher said...

Holy Mole!!! Bug Church, I love him. I want to know what's in his library and what his research projects are. Is he a retired Dirt Architect from the Muddflat School of Design? I need to know!!!

Debra said...

Ahhhh...indeed! This guy does look very educated. Harvard? Yale? Compost University?
Well, in any case, he is extremely CUTE.
Love, Debra

Friedel Fisher said...

Compost University!!!! Brilliant!
I want to go there to get my PhD in Earthworm Technology in a Post-Modern Era!!!

Ragged Raven said...

He is all mine...hee hee hee. I love him, thanks Seabug!