Monday, January 4, 2010

99 things I have done

1. Had three children
2. worked as an adolescent psych nurse for thirty two years and counting
3. Indoor sky dived
4. watched a butterfly hatch from a chrysallis
5. became a Master Gardener
6. pretended to be French and Scottish while out to lunch with my Daughter
7. swam with sting rays
8. helped deliver my grandchild
9. was thrown from several horses
10.did the Market Square show in Valley Forge with my sisters
11.write my own stories
12. lived in Japan
13. married at age 16
14. have made thousands of dolls
15. painted my own home
16. installed a sink faucet
17. performed cpr
18. seen a meteor shower
19. have made a half court hook shot
20. flown on a helicopter up the Rhine river 21. swam in the Mediterranean sea
22. rehabbed a pigeon
23. petted a cat in the Colliseum in Rome
24. had a child in Germany
25. driven a front end loader
26. have a website on Etsy
27. have a blog
28. have driven a car 110 MPH
29. gotten drunk
30. slept on a pool table for a whole night at Travis AFB
31. been to Acadia National Park
32. had a bear in my campsite
33. taken medication for depression
34. Became a Christian
35. wrote poetry
36. lived in Wakkanai Japan
37. had my appendix removed in Italy
39. visited a butterfly farm in St. Martin
40. have been knocked unconcious
41. been with a lover when he died
42. been awake through shoulder surgery and chatted with the surgeon
43. have owned a haunted house
44. cried myself to sleep
45. peed myself laughing
46. saved a child from drowning
47. dialed 911
48. grieved
49. dropped out of high school
50. got my GED
51. went to New College (for a while)
52. learned to mediate
53. teach relaxation breathing
54. Taught a doll class
55. had stitches in my head ( more than once)
56. learned to control my temper
57. learned to pray
58. learned to forgive
59. read Sartor Resartus
60. have been hit, kicked, punched, spit upon and thrown up on by angry children
70. skinny dipped
71. studied the Bible
72. married a good man
73. worked with sexual offenders
74. arranged flowers for a couple of weddings
75. zip lined
76. went to camp as an adult
77. tubed in the Smokeys
78. loved deeply
79. took a ferry to Nova Scotia
80. grown alot of things from seed
81. Made friends
82. Ate beignets at Cafe Du Monde
83. said I was sorry
84. made my own clothing
85. have been knocked to the ground by an electical shock
86. landed in Wake, Guam and Hawaii
87. been divorced twice
88. planted a garden
89. made Chocolate Mousse from Julia's Recipe
90. Set the oven on fire making Duck L'Orange
91. Dressed as Mary Poppins for Halloween
92. Sang in a choir
93. read scripture in Church
94. raised a baby bird
95. climbed alot of trees
96. been on my roof (with some regularity)
97. kept a marine tank
98. cooked alot of meals, made alot of soup, and baked alot of cookies
99. loved alot of people

3 comments: said...

I need to catch up with you!
Did you submit for the contest in Art Doll Quarterly? The issue of primitives should be out soon,spring I think.phylliso

By Way of Salem said...

I like that! Hmmm wonder what I could come up with. You are such a character!! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...'ve done a lot. I think I'd have to try making the list to see if I've done as much. I haven't had a good long career like you have. I did a few of the others. I think my girls and son would have a list of 5000...LOL. They are amazing!