Sunday, January 10, 2010

I am of course wondering where Grace Tenderstitch has been. We have left her in the lurch. I like that word lurch, I wonder if there shouldn't be a tree called a Lurch. It would be shadowy and trembling with fine hairy boughs and shaded darkly green. Piled around its trunk would be a deep litter of old green hairs and a pathway to a door. But That is another story.
Let us begin again...
Prunella Fig-Pink lurched forward dragging Murray with her, his teeth deeply embedded in the droopy flesh of her buttock. Prunella screamed aloud in pain. I am not sure what she was saying exactly, but it sounded like "Ahhhhhh, Get off MEEEEE." Peg-Leg leaped. It was the leap of one who does not care about the outcome, blindly giving oneself to a single purpose, and brandishing her sword struck Prunella broadside across the cheek. Prunella collapsed forward, wrenching herself from Murray's tenacious grasp,knocking the glowing Jar from Grace's hands where it cracked open with a sickening crunch on the floor beside the nightstand.
What happened then is difficult to describe. Purple vapors enveloped Prunella as she crumbled on the Floor. "My Party, My Party " Prunella cried as she disappeared into the glowing purple pool of vapor. She seemed to be consumed by the glowing purple goo.
Peg-Leg managed to leap free of the dissolving Liquids.
There was a foul odor that filled the room, rather like rotten eggs.

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