Saturday, March 6, 2010


I have hurt my back recently, and have had difficulty sitting, laying, standing and Being. LOL It is getting better but my lifetime of eating sugar has lead to arthritus in my shoulder, spine and knees. I am trying to figure out what direction to go in...a more natural one that includes exercise, and diet, or the medical one including Facet injections and pain Medications. Somewhere those two worlds have to hold hands like lovers and walk together in Balance. That is my prayer. To navigate that walk. In the mean time I am trying to heal.
The photo above is a memory of all those pressed flowers that I did as a child. ironing them between two pieces of wax paper. Did you do that too? These skeleton leaves are ironed betwen two wax paper pieces then sewn around their margins. I added vintage lace to the outer edges, and sewed a channel for a dowel rod to be slipped through the top for hanging. It has been in the window of my studio for years now, and the light comes through those leaves at different times of the day to delight me.

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I had massage therapy once for my RA & now I do it to myself.It is a different kind,have to go look it up.But you take your fingers & press as hard as you can on the hurting area,then use your fingers to go in circles massaging softly away from the pressure point.It has really helped me,seems like the hurt is being circled away.
Also I have the dh grab my ankles while lying down & pull,it helps my back.That was another thing they did in massage therapy.Just a have to see what Grace has been up to...phylliso