Saturday, March 6, 2010


A BIG thank You to HOLLY of Banner Haus for helping me with my Butterlies on my blog. I appreciate you HOLLY. Check out her


Debra said...

Baggatha-this is lovely. I love the backgroud too. Holly is a treasure. For some reason, your blog is not updating on my follower list-it says last update was 2 months ago. So I have missed all this good stuff here. I see a beautiful Threader. I would like to make one-they are wonderful. But obviously not to sell-because they are YOURS-no one could make them like you anyway!
Love, Bean said...

I missed you.Hope you are healing fast.My prayers have been with you.
I love your new look on the blog.Some blogs are nice,but it takes my computer so long to upload everything,this one does not.May have to get myself a new look.
Now I must go read your other posts,love,phylliso

Snugglebug Blessings said...

Hey Robin,

It was so nice to hear from you. Hope you are doing great. Love your butterflys how neat. God bless, Cathy