Thursday, May 12, 2011

Along the way Snail

There are Friends that we make along our way...Folks that we come to love, and we would carry them on our backs if need be. Even as she makes her very Slow way along, the Snail transports a tiny bird upon a wire that is tucked in a handy pocket stitched to her side. They are BOTh headed in the Same direction, and though they are different from each other have found a common Purpose, and a common Path.
both are made from fabric that has been coffee dyed and baked and painted. The snail is glued to a rusted jar Lid. Dimensions: 9 inches or so tall and about 6 inches long. happy trails to you, and may you Be joined by a loving Friend to share your way. Long The Way Snail
A Long The Way Snail


The Moonlit Stitch said...

They look so happy together! Yet another whimsical masterpiece!(Hey! It's my "cool old barn"! Thanks Robin! :0] ~*~Lisa

Clare said...

well, isn't the little bird lucky to have such a sweet friend to help him get where he needs to be - even though it might be slow. lovely lovely work - your creations make me very happy to look at.

Debra said...

Baggs-I was catching up here-first, your art is wonderful and getting wonderfuller if that's posible. Second-your photos are superb. I love the lighting. The stories are always fun and sweet.
Loveth thee, Bean