Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Friend

I have a new friend I would like you to meet. It never ceases to amaze me the TALENT that some people possess. Please meet Dorthe of Den Lille Lade, a very Talented Doll artist. We met at Etsy, where she bought a bird from me and a doll...or two...
We soon discovered that we like the same kind of things, VINTAGE EVERYTHING!!!!
I love Dorthe's WORK. Fabulous!!!
Dorthe Lives in Denmark. (On an Island that I believe to be in the Baltic Sea.) She makes fairies, and has a shop also called Den Lille Lade. She also makes collages and and I love they way her blog looks...Beautiful.
Don't you love getting to know other folks in this world of ours. So many sweet and special people.
Thank you Dorthe.


Dorthe said...

Dear Robin, you are the sweetest-
I have been looking after a new post on your wonderful blog-
but NEVER expected it to be me, looking out from your world, here.
Thankyou dear friend for writing such nice things about me-I treasure our new friendship,very much-and our notes to each other-and I treasure very much my new family- including you :)
Thankyou again -and hugs and love from me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing such a gifted person with us all! I just love being introduced to new people that we would never get too meet, if it were not for Blogland! said...

Wouldn`t have heard of her if it wasn`t the good friend that you are,Robin,blessings to you & I`m hopping over to see her blog,phyllis

Clare said...

Thank you for sharing about your new friend - I'm going over to meet her too. There are such special people in this world - and blogland makes us remember that.

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello Robin
How special is our dear Dorthe and the most beautiful doll and fairy creations amongst many other mixed media works! Your blog is such fun -
love your dolls and that Banana Wanderer is kind of special too!
Lovely to meet you,

My Creative House said...

Robin thanks for your sweet comment, love your birds and dolls they are so unique, Dorthe is a wonderful doll maker and a very sweet person, because we live in the same country we often talk on the phone, have a nice day dear.
Hugs Anni

Debra said...

Love her work my dear-her dolls are very sweet....