Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I have spent many springs with my hands in the dirt, starting the garden over, and discarding last years Remains. The beginning of this process always looks like a mess, and it is hard to imagine that it will be much, that it will be a beautiful picture at its Zenith sometime later in the Summer.
I try hard not to focus on the skeletons, the rusting leaves, and leavings of last years flowers. I push back against the pile of rubbish that grows in the waste can to be discarded, or recycled. And I think about what truly remains. It is there in my hands as Iook down, seemingly fragile but secretly STRONG. Here in my hands are the seeds of last years flowers, ready to begin again. They are what truly remains.
This angel is about starting over from your own secret strength. She is 14 inches tall, made of muslin and fabric, and vintage trims. her face is painted with acrylics.
Thanks for looking and Happy Spring!


Marty Mason said...

I love looking and happy spring to you also.

Dorthe said...

Oh Robin, you should be a writer, dear friend, you have the most wonderful poetic " sound of voice" and I can imagine a whole novel written by you,would be amazing to read.
Amazing like your dear angel, with her gorgeous flower,and special wings.
Love you Robin, and hope you are ok?
Your Dorthe

Debra said...

Baggs-this is beautiful-I just love her face too. The story is wonderful...

sharon said...

This is a gorgeous new angel Robin with her special strength and story, waiting for a wonderful new owner to create another story!
Thank you for sharing such incredibly beautiful words and inspiration!