Monday, April 9, 2012

THE Magic Bird Wand

Are you just PLAIN TIRED of the endless chores facing YOU on a daily basis? Are you wasting precious time and energy on dusting, mopping and mending socks? What about those pesky cobwebs dangling in the corners of the ceiling? (Well...I kinda like those really...)
Well, Here is JUST the THING you have been LOOKING for.
This handy Dandy Magic Bird wand will Not, I repeat NOT banish any of those worries for you, But you will have alot of FUN waving this sucker around, looking Foolish and silly!
The magic Bird wand is a handmade bird...very beautiful actually...mounted on a schefflera stick. It is 14 inches tall.
This is definetly the thing you have been looking for.


Dorthe said...

Robin my dear friend- your bird wand is AMAZING , so sweet-so wonderful colours- so lovable, and I do!
It is truly magic, this little bird.
Love you-and hug you Robin.

Baggaraggs: said...

Thansk Friend! Hugs to you wiht long arms. Robin

sharon said...

Oh my, I have been looking for that all my life indeed! It is a treasure, and it is brilliant Robin!

The Moonlit Stitch said...

What a beautiful creation, Robin! ~*~Lisa

Happy Valley Primitives said...

Ha! So clever and cute! I bet someone will snatch this little guy up and be singing those chores away!


Lisa Graham said...

He is quite the looker too.

: )

Love your bird...what a fun creation!